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i live in lake oswego oregon and it’s a nice quiet little town and i like it i have live here my whole life. currently i’m going to the local middle school it sucks but i survive i guess but you want the scary stuff besides my grades. once a week after school i walk to the convenience store to buy snacks and say hi to friends after i would walk back to the school to hang out with friends then at [5:30] the activity bus would take me to the parks and rec building that was maybe 5 minutes away from my house now this day it was rainy and i didnt want to walk home so i was waiting for the activity bus i was chatting with a friend about class or something dumb and i saw someone one the roof of the school i brushed it off and got on the bus. if you have ever been to oregon you know it’s very rainy and wet and so every time it rained and i was at the school after school i would see it, i only saw it in the rain and it creeped me out i’m not what it was but it stopped after maby one year. it always looked not moving or anything but just watching.


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