Madness in the Woods

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Hey, y’all. I decided to post a bit more often as I have many stories to tell of the horror/spooky nature. I live in central Texas and there is a dark side to this seemingly safe and normal city of mine. It may not be historical, but there are ancient things that roam these woods. There are these… hot spots, if you will. One such place, also being possibly the most active, is a little railroad crossing about 10 minutes from my house. There is a river that runs underneath the old, aged bridge, and a trail on each side of the riverbank to go down to the river. The vegetation is thick and various in species, there is a small marshy area to the left of the bridge on the eastern bank, and on the western side there was a lot of graffiti on the walls and odd patches of dead or sparse grass.

The first occurrence was on my friend’s, lets call him Rick, birthday in 2011. Our good friends, Johnathan and Keith were over and after we ate at Cici’s pizza for dinner, we all wanted to go out and work some of it off. We decided to go and explore the tracks and maybe go down to the river. About 1/2 the way down the tracks to the bridge, we spotted a medium sized black dog sitting at the eastern trailhead, staring at us. We figured there must be someone down there fishing or swimming and brought their dog. As we approached, it walked down to the riverbank.

We approached the riverbank down the steep trail and realized there wasnt anyone there. We wondered which way the dog went, thinking maybe something had happened and we saw tracks headed south through the marshy area and into some rather thick and tall vegetation (elephant ears, buffalo grass, vines, trees, etc). Johnathan and I followed them rather swiftly while Rick and Keith took their time behind us. Eventually, the trail led to an opening. Now, the grass in the opening was much shorter than the rest and trees surrounded it wiith 3ft tall buffalo grass. The dog had gone through the southernmost side, and as we entered the clearing, 4 more came out of the treeline. We froze. The hair on our bodies standing on end, feeling trapped and in danger. Slowly, almost tauntingly, the first dog came out of the brush, and sat about 3ft away from us, just staring. The eyes looked black, not the usual dark brown or even blue eyes dogs have.

We slowly backed up, telling the other 2 to not come any closer. The dogs were sitting almost uniformly like carefully set statues, just glaring at us. We made it back to the top of the trail and started to run back to the house, when suddenly we see the dogs jumping across the tracks. The SAME dogs that were just on the ground 30 ft below and about 1/16th of a mile away. They were leaping over the tracks in a way that made it look like seeing one dog with traces of it behind it as it moved. “STOP!” I shouted, “Look. How did they get THERE quicker than we got HERE?” “Um….Guys…What the hell is that?…” Patrick asked, almost in shock. We turned around to see a very large white creature. It had piercing yellow eyes, stood on all fours at about 5.5ft tall, and was built like a tank. It resembled a wolf or some other large dog breed, but it wasnt quite right. The other dogs scattered at the prescence of this one.

It eventually backed down the trail, never looking away, and let me tell ya, we BOOKED it back to the house. We got inside and Ricks mom was looking at us oddly, wondering why the 4 of us were breathing so heavily. “Dogs….. *gasp* tracks… uhhhh big dog” we managed to spurt out. His mother is a believer in the paranormal and didnt dismiss our story, like you’d expect.

I’ll put one more in here and let me know if you want to know anymore encounters in the area. This one happened about a year or so later in 2012, and at this point we were intrigued by the tracks and fascinated by whatever inhabited the area, worldy or otherwise. One afternoon in the summer, we decided to go down and look at some of the graffiti and maybe see if anything odd would happen. There was some new art that wasnt there before, so we were looking and admiring the paint on the wall, when we realized that the place was dead quiet. No cicadas or grasshoppers, no birds chirping, no fish splashing which was rather odd because the carp in the river loved to jump for whatever reason… just… our heartbeats in our ears. “Holy crap….” Rick had whispered, “It’s so quiet. It’s not right.” “Yeah,” I replied, “Feels like something is off in the air too, almost a pressure.” It felt like we were in a pressurized jar, the air was heavy and thick. Suddenly, we hear a bird call, and at first were relieved…buuuut that changed in an instant when we realized it, too, was wrong. It sounded like a dove, but played backwards on a recorder. At first, it was a fair distance away. By the 4th call, it seemed like it was going to be within 20ft of us. It rang out a 7th and final time about 20 seconds from the first and we swore it was right above us. We looked up just in time to have the ever living crap scared out of us by a loud, heavy boom on the thick wood of the bridge. It sounded like a giant had stomped or jumped on it from the metal above the bridge.

We froze. Our once moderately tanned skin now ghostly white as our eyes screamed when our mouths wouldnt “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” We ran as fast as we could out of there, not giving a second thought to look back, fearing what we may see. We made it out of the tracks and back on to the road headed towards his house and i grabbed Rick’s shoulder. “Dude. What made those noises?” I asked shakily, and out of breath. “That wasnt a natural sound, neither the call nor the boom.” “I dont know man”, he responded, “All i know is i dont want to go down there again for a while, if ever again.” On that, we agreed undoubtedly. But….Curiousity killed the cat, right?

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