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I do know that being lost is very very veeerrryyy normal,but being lost inside a park at night,to until whatever time it is…. kinda scary cause I was so young when this happened. I was playing in the park like normal kids would do,I did have adult supervision but I don’t know why she left me all in my own. So I was just playing and having fun THINKING that she was like nearby at least, you see when I do something like playing or being a bit far from my parents or any adult with me I always look back to see if they’re still with me. Yes I know you’re thinking that is really ummmm weird, but I just don’t like being lost. So I was playing I looked down to see if she (the adult I was with) was still there, I didn’t see her,so I looked around still couldn’t find her. I went down and looked again,still couldn’t find her. I started to get a bit creeped out and started having tears on my face so I just left the playground and started looking for my mom and our houseworker but still couldn’t find them. But then some women told me something i can’t remember what it was. But then I think I started looking with them for my mom? But then I don’t know how I ended up in a cab with someguy. He I think ashes me something like me being but I remember saying something like “I’m looking for my mommy” he said to me about the women who talked to me earlier he thought they were or one of them were my mom, I said “no”. But I don’t remember how I found my mom, but I’m glad that I did.

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