Lost in the forest

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Let me start by saying that this story is absolutely true but I don’t remember everything in detail that happend. So at the time when this story took place in was between 10 and 11 years old. I lived in the countryside, near the mountains in a country in Europe.

The village I lived in was surrounded by other small villages and towns and from the other side there were massive forests and mountains. My home was on a hill. North to my house there was my grandma’s house and he road then south to my house there was a forest, on east there was my neighbour home and on the west side there was a field and then  continuation of the forest near my house but from the west side the forest was was way bigger.

At the time this story took place it was autumn I think so of course I would either go with someone or go by myself to the forest to look for mushrooms. My parents would never let me go alone so sometimes I would lie that I’m going with someone else and eventually they would let me or i would sneak out.

Now, I don’t remember what exactly i told my parents but they let me go to the forest that day. I remember looking for the usual path I took to the forest but for some reason I thought to myself -“why won’t I take a different path today”- or something along this. Now I was in the forests looking for mushrooms and despite me taking a different path i knew exaclty where I was.

This day i decided to go a little bit further than I would usually go but no too far so I won’t get lost. If I haven’t known these forests so well I would probably be lost in the first 5 minutes after entering.  It is easy to get lost there for someone who haven’t been there at least 40 times before.

Now I don’t know how long I was there but I think I was still looking for mushrooms when I heard something that sounded like craching branches. I was and still am a very paranoid person so of course I nearly shitted myself since it sounded like something heavy was walking there. At this point I turned around and started walking back the way I thought I came from but soon I found myself lost in the forest. I did not understand how the fuck I got lost since I haven’t even got that far away. I was walking through the forest desperate to find a path or to see something I could recognise but of course I didn’t. I started crying and thought that it probably was just a deer that was cracking the branches and if not my paranoia I would be home now or still looking for mushrooms.

At this point I was both crying and praying while walking around the forest looking for something that will help me get the fuck out of there. Then I stopped walking and crying and praying since a feeling of relief run over me. I didn’t know why since I was still lost in the forest but something in my head was screaming at me to turn around.

What I am about to tell is absolutly true although it may sound extremely unrealistic.

When I turned around I saw a man in a white long dress with long, white sleeves and dark hair. For some reason I felt calm and I felt as if I was in safety. Then he raised his hand and pointed it left to where I was standing. I felt like he is telling me to go this way. I looking at where he is pointing and then back at him but when I turned his way, he was gone. Scared out of my mind I started running in the direction he pointed and sure enough, about 5 minutes later I found the entry of the forest. When I was finally out I realised that I was on the other side from where I originally came to the forest.

I went there by the entry behind my house but somehow I got out by the entry next to the field which are actually really far away and if I really walked all this was i would have definetly notice multiply paths that were there.

I told this to my grandma and she of course told my parents and I wasn’t aloud to go there anymore. However when I told my grandma about the man she looked at me and said something that -maybe it was my guardian angel and I this seems to make the most sense, really.





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