I lived in a haunted house

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So to start this story off, I was about 8-9 years old. And at the time we were moving to California because my dad had a job offer, keep in mind that he is in the film business so California was the place to be.

Now, we had found this really nice two story house in a really nice neighborhood. We signed a 2 year lease, and this will be important later. Anyway, when we first stepped into the house there was a terrible smell. So my mom, being the clean freak she was, decided to try and get the smell to go away.

So she had been trying this for a week or so with no luck. And that’s when things got weird, very weird. My mom would have these really creepy dreams nightly. When my little brother jack was born and he came to the house my was holding him by the fireplace and she set him down next to it because she was gonna grab the milk that had been heated up. Then she said suddenly she heard a voice in her head that said to get Jack to pick him up. After she had picked him up and ran towards the kitchen, the fireplace blew up. So we had a technician come and check it out, and we all we all were freaked out at this statement.

Another thing that happened was my little autistic sister was going into the room and then the door slammed shut after she went in. My mom was puzzled and went to ask her why she slammed the door. When she opened the door she had her knees tucked into her chest crying. My mom then asked her why she slammed the door. My little sister said she didn’t. My mom said if she just even opened a bible the house would get cold and it would be like a wind storm in there. The final straw was when She was getting ready for bed with my dad. She was mid conversation then a black figure with vivid red eyes hovering over her she was batting at it over and over.

Then my dad asked what the hell she was doing. My mom told him what happened and he freaked out. Later that night she had sleep paralysis and the same figure was there. She remarked that it had been like someone was trying to yank ur soul out of you. My mom wanted to leave the house really bad but we were in a lease and she had to suffer another year in that hell house. We did move out a year later and my brother felt that something tried to follow him out. Be thankfuly nothing did.

We never really found out why all these things happend. All we could think of is that my mom was a newly found Christian. I’m 15 now and this stuff still haunts me to this very day.



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