Life Is a Glitching Game

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I’ve had some fairly creepy moments in my life, but none of them have left me as puzzled as these three separate events.

I live in a small, suburban area of Ohio. I’ve gone to the same school my entire life, never moving once. Our school used to be separated into three different parts: The primary school, which was pre-school through second grade. Then there was the intermediate building, which was third through sixth grade. Finally, the high school housed seventh grade through twelfth grade.

At the time of the first story, I was in fifth grade. Now, I won’t say that my memory is golden, but this particular event still sticks out as it often comes up in conversation with my friend who was also involved, named Lilly.

Classes had just ended for lunch break, and so I went to my locker to fetch what I had packed. I will admit, I was a little slow, and so Lilly and I got cut off from the rest of the crowd. When we started walking towards the lunch room which was right next to the gym, I noticed how strangely quiet it was. Normally, it wasn’t like that since fourth graders were typically in Physical Education at the time, so it was extra loud in the lunch room, since the only thing separating both areas was a thin divider that acted as a wall.

That’s when I picked up on the fact that not only was the gym quiet, the lunch room was also. It was almost as if our lives were a television show and someone just hit the mute button. I turned to Lilly who looked just as confused as I was.

“What’s going on?” I remember asking her as I looked into the doorway of the lunch room. There were kids everywhere and not a single word could be heard from them. Lilly just shook her head, indicating that she was just as oblivious as I was.

Now for the even crazier part. In the hallway just outside of where the gym and lunch area were, there was a clock that was mounted against the wall right next to the bathrooms, which were right across from the cafeteria. I remember casually glancing up at the clock, wondering which teachers were in their rooms at the time being that we could go to for help.

But something about the clock wasn’t right. The hands of it were going backwards. I felt my heart drop. I was terrified. What was going on? What was happening to us?

Suddenly though, I heard a voice. It was my former principal asking us if we were all right. Everything was back to normal, but Lilly and I were still shaking. That first incident really spooked me.

The second event wasn’t quite as creepy, however it still leaves me with questions. I was now in tenth grade. At that time, the school was redone, having the two buildings connected by a hallway. The high school was still seventh through twelfth grade, but the new add on, the Elementary, included pre-school through sixth grade.

It was towards the end of the day when this took place. I was sitting in my Geometry class, and we were going over the answers to the previous night’s homework. Sometimes our teacher took homework for a grade, and other times for participation. This time it was for participation points only.

I was paying close attention to what the teacher was saying, since Geometry was my worst class, and I needed to work on getting the grade up. We went over problem numbers one through three, and she let the students ask questions. We then went on.

Now you would think that the next problem we would move on to would be number four, right? Well, that’s what I thought until another student asked, “Which problem are we on?” Which the teacher responded to, saying, “Number thirteen.”

What? That didn’t make any sense. How did we skip from problem number three to number thirteen without me noticing? I looked around at the other students, and even at the student sitting next to me who always marked her paper so she wasn’t confused on which problem we were going over to see if we just skipped those last problems before I freaked out.

Nope. We didn’t skip them.

The third and final incident thus far I’ve had with glitches in the matrix was at dinner time with my father. This had been about a month or so after the second event. Usually, my dad double stacks our paper plates since they’re flimsy. I handed him two plates that were stacked as usual and got my food on my own plate.

About halfway through dinner, my dad looked at his plate and asked, “Why did you only give me the one plate?”

I replied, “I didn’t, I gave you two.”

That’s when we realized that the second plate that I swear was under my dad’s top one when I picked them up was now on the counter just below the cabinet full of cups and glasses. There was absolutely no way that could have gotten there. The paper plates are all the way across the dining room. They aren’t even remotely near that particular counter. So how did it get there? We still don’t know.

You might not consider these incidents as creepy, but they were most definitely weird. Life itself is weird enough without glitches in the matrix stirring the pot. I still wonder how I’ve lost time, how my dad’s second plate moved from underneath the top one without us noticing, and what happened in my old school.

It’s been rumored that the old schools were haunted, which I guess could explain my weird experiences there. But that doesn’t explain what happened at home. Was that a ghost too?

Since these times, I’ve looked into glitch in the matrix stories, and it seemed fitting for what happened to me. But still, I have no explanation as to why these things happened, and I don’t think I’ll ever know.

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