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By purple guy 75417

So this story tales place when I was 17 and home alone for a few days.. I was hanging out with an old friend on mine and he was getting drunk and I had to drive home so I wasn’t drinking. I was headed down a dirt road as the sun was going down. I had seen a light emerging from the woods and i got curious.

As i stopped the car i rolled down my window to see a small fire burning in the woods. I seen small shadows dancing around, curiously i thought they were just kids messing with fire and doing a rain dance or something weird. I yelled at them and all i had seen starring back at me were white eyes. Now i suppose this is the point where i say they were wearing green or small hats but no. They had green skin and as they approached the vehicle i rolled the windows up and heard laughter surrounding me but, it also sounded like little metallic banging.

Not wasting anytime i sped out of there and the laughter stopped. I got home and ran inside and slammed the door.

Then it happened.

The little metallic sound outside the door. I locked the door and the windows only to hear faint laughter. I turned my stereo on to drown it out but, the laughter only got louder and louder. Eventually i put headphones on and it worked, and came to a halt. I went to bed thinking it was over only to wake up to whispering. My eyes shot open and i seen a candle was lit and little shadows filling the walls. They had seen me awake to only to disappear. I woke up in a trance like state and i thought it was a dream.

Until i got up and had noticed the house was trashed and there were little footprints in the hall way. I don’t know what the hell the wanted or why they targeted me but, I’m glad its over and have never seen anything like it again.


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