Late Night Run-In with a Skinwalker

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Hi my name is Kate and this happened to me one year ago.

I was going for a walk, it was late and I had nothing else to do. I was about was a mile away from my house, I was walking on a path in a field far from the main road. It was about 2 am, but it wasn’t a problem, as my parents trusted that I would return home.

Anyways, I was walking past a tree line, when I started to hear static, like an old radio, that was the only thing I could compare it to. I was rather frightened by this, but I decided to keep walking, then I heard in a child’s voice, “help”. I stopped short, I looked at the tree line frozen, and debating what to do, I then stuck one foot out to where the voice came from. Again, I heard the voice repeating what it had just said.

This time I felt a bit uneasy, the voice sounded so much similar to the first time it had called out, as if someone just repeated a recording. Also, it had a bit of a static sound to it, I can’t explain it, and I called out “hello?” no answer. My voice was shaky from fear because I didn’t know what to think of the voice, then it spoke again… in my voice, “hello” It sounded just like me, but with the same static noise, it said it again, same exact tone from the first time. I backed up a bit, terrified of what I had just heard, I turned and started walking away in a fast pace, then I heard a branch snap and I stopped.
I looked back and saw a deer, looking at me from the tree line, I was confused by this, “was it the deer?” I thought to myself, and then threw away this idea because of how stupid it sounded. I ignored the deer and started walking again; I walked for not even a minute then I heard a something behind me. I quickly turned to see the same deer standing on the path. Now that it was out in the open and what moonlight there was shown onto the deer, I saw it more clearly now.

It had a deer head, but the body looked like a human slumped over on all fours, the ribs were slightly showing. It took me a second to realize just how big this thing was, if it were a person, they would have to be huge. I stood there frozen for what seemed like an hour, then this thing started to stand up. When it was fully standing, it had to be over 7 foot tall. It stood perfect like a human would, I tried to think of the situation logically, my assumption was that this was a tall person trying to scare people, but the head was too real, so I dismissed this quickly. After a bit of staring at this creature, I finally decided to take a step back, as I did this, the creature took a step forward, not making a sound.
I stood frozen again, scared to make a noise, then the thing said “hello” in my voice, the same exact way it had the previous times.

I was more confused than scared at this point, rather than thinking to run or escape or anything, I was thinking to myself, how this thing could speak. I asked, “What are you?” It was silent for a bit, and then the thing spoke, in my voice again with the same static sound accompanying it, repeating what I had just said, still staring at me. I was just frozen staring at the thing while it did the same thing, I wanted to run or something, but my body would not allow me, so I stayed in that same position for what seemed like hours. Then finally, for no reason, it walked away back into the tree line, this was a little too terrifying to witness, it walked on two feet like any normal person would, out of sight.

As soon as it got silent, I sped quickly down the path back towards my house, I was sure I would get home no problem, wrong. I heard another branch break and I started sprinting, not knowing what was going to happen, I started to see the main road and my house in sight but still a distance away. I heard the thing scream, it sounded like a child screaming at the top of their lungs, still branches breaking, I am sure it was running above the trees. When I got onto the road, and got a few hundred feet from my house, all the noises had stopped. I looked back over my shoulder and saw it standing there in the middle of the road just staring at me, right before I turned to continue running, I heard it loudly say “hello”. It never followed me after that, and that is the last time I ever encountered it, or even heard it.

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awesome story!