Laekside nightmare

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it’s difficult for me to share this but something in my mind is telling me i should. i was nineteen at the time and it was a lovely late summer, i was a very Adventurous woman that would go on yearly camping trips to a secluded lake in the dense woodlands of Colorado. my two female cousins, lets call them Cass and L. were avid outdoor lovers as well. when our yearly trip came up i remember being so excited, Cass owned a small camper that slept four and that was usually what we used. we met up at our usual spot and started the three hour long drive. we got there and were excited to find we had an entire side all to ourselves, Lucky right?. i remember how beautiful it was with towering pines and the lake was so breathtaking. we set up our campfire and the first night was strange, we could hear distant yowling of some kind of wild animal but it didn’t really bother us, that is until we came outside the next morning. we found large hoof prints just beyond the camper, and i mean bigger than my entire hand. we brushed it off as maybe a large elk and went about the day as normal.

when the sun began to dip behind the trees i began to feel uneasy, i wasn’t sure why. we cooked up our supper at the fire and sat out there for awhile, we began to notice that all the night life had grown silent which made me feel even more unnerved because i had always been taught that when the animals go silent a predator is near by. but i shook my head thinking i was just scaring myself and what we heard next is still trapped in my mind to this day. from the trees close by, too close, we heard a horrible screech, it was so loud that it coaxed screams out of all of us and Cass didn’t scare easy. we all looked at each other with wide eyes, not moving for a moment, trying to process what the hell we just heard. the sound of something moving in the tree line just beyond caught our attention, the fire was bright but we could only see as far as the treeline. a sudden feeling of dread came over me and i almost felt sick, watching the trees, feeling chills through my body at the realization that the movement had stopped and i could hear heavy breathing coming from those dark trees. we were no longer alone.

with fast movements we all ran into the camper, nearly tripping over our own feet in fear, L shut and locked the door. and we all just stood there in silence, waiting for whatever was out there to move. and it did just that, it’s heavy footsteps drew closer, i began to feel like i was going to cry. but then it just stopped, nothing but the sound of the water gently lapping the shore and the crack of our still burning fire.

“maybe it’s gone” L said. i moved towards the window by the door and moved the curtain aside and what i saw standing there has made me fear the woods at night ever since. standing right beside our camper was some sort of creature, it looked like an Elk but it was grotesque, standing on two legs, hunched over and covered in matted brown fur. its arms were long and had clawed fingers at the ends. i gasped and it seemed to have heard me because it snapped it’s head towards the camper so fast it made me wince. the light of the fire was being blocked so i could barely make out the face, but i remember it being horrible, looking like an elk but it was deformed. i closed the curtain fast and nearly jumped away, bumping into Cass.

we could hear it moving around the camper, bumping into it occasionally causing the whole thing to shake. things fell over and we began to panic. Cass grabbed one of our phones from the counter and began to dial the emergency line but out here, the signal was sketchy at best. then whatever this thing was attacked the front of the camper. the sound of groaning metal is a sound I will never forget. in a rush of terror we all went for the one place in the camper that had no windows, the tiny little bathroom. we sat there for hours, holding each other and crying as the whole camper shook violently and the crushing of metal was so loud my ears began to pound. but then like a switch it all stopped, no more crunching metal, no more snarls, no more anything. I can’t remember falling asleep but when I woke Cass and L were just beginning to stir. we came out of the bathroom and went towards the door, my hand was shaking so much it took me a few tries to get it open. we stepped outside and the morning light greeted us, somehow making us feel a bit more safe. but all that security was shattered when we came around to the front of the camper. it was a gnarled mess of twisted metal and shredded wires, whatever this thing was it had ripped the whole engine to pieces. I couldn’t help but think that this thing knew exactly what it was doing, it was trying to keep us from escaping. but luck was on our side that day because another group of campers had chosen our side of the lake to camp at and they gave L a lift into town, we were home by dinner time that same day.

a few weeks went by after that and I was browsing urban legends online when I found an article about something called a Wendigo. when I clicked on it and the image appeared I nearly threw up, this picture was an adaptation but was strikingly similar to what attacked us that night.

be careful out there because Myths and Legends may turn out to be more true than you realize.

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