La Llorona

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By S_Gee

I’m sorry in advance if the formatting is bad, English is my second language. Bare with me. This story is not mine but my dads tale, it happened 20 years ago in Mexico. Just to clarify where this took place, our town at that time was fairly small and everyone knew each other. Also keep in mind most front doors in Mexico have a small glass window you can open up without having to open the entire door. To give you an idea of my parents house it has several bedrooms downstairs and two hallways that are pretty much shaped like an L, now let’s begin.

“There was a knock at the front door around 2 or 3am I don’t remember, the knock was pretty loud for it to wake up your mother and I since our bedroom was the last one from the hallways. I got up, strapped up my gun and began to walk towards the door. As soon as I was about to open the glass window I heard someone behind me, it was your brother, he was 19 at that time, I knew he heard it too, he was standing outside his room just staring, waiting without saying a word to see who would be knocking at this time.

As soon as I opened up the glass door this freezing cold breeze hit my face with an awful smell of sulfur, combined with something rotten and mold. There was this lady in a dress, she wasn’t old, if I had to guess she was probably in her 40’s. She looked at me and said ‘do you know where the cemetery is?’ she asked. I got the biggest goosebumps of my life, I’ve never been so terrified and replied with ‘yes, just take this street it will take you straight to it, it’s about a 15 minute walk’ as I was pointed to her left, the direction she can take. She didn’t look at me, she then turned and started walking the complete opposite side I had told her. She didn’t say a word. The opposite direction she was heading towards to was ‘un rio’ (a river).

The following morning I was outside sweeping the sidewalk when ‘la vecina’ (the neighbor) came and asked your mother and I if we heard La llorona that previous night, once again I got the goosebumps all over again.”

Til this day my dad is convinced that, that lady was La llorona. I kid you not when I say my dad stutters every time he tells someone new about his encounter.

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