La llorona

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This story is not mine, it’s actually my grandmothers but it’s been passed down to tell others that if you decide to venture to Mexico, you are most likely to experience a paranormal phenomenon. I have tons of family supernatural stories and most of my uncles are still alive to tell them and they are.. quite disturbing.
Well, anyway back to my grandmother’s story. She lived in a small village in Mexico, just a handful of street lights and friendly neighbors, everyone knew everyone. So, my grandmother had six siblings , all five, boys, her and my aunt. She was a young girl and witness most of this herself. She said that her brothers went out to hang around with the other neighbor boys, you know running round, playing games and just causing trouble because what else can you do a small poor village? My grandmother ,her sister and her mother stayed home, doing some chores making and eating dinner. Then her mother decided to scold her brothers, like any mom would do when the sun went down and her children hadn’t return. Just because everyone knew everyone, didn’t mean it was safe, especially at night. My grandmother saw her mother grab her knitting tools and sat on the porch in her rocking chair counting of what she’s do to those trouble making kids, but of course she uses other colorful words in spanish. My grandmother and her sister sat next to her and played simple games and then helped their mother knit. In front of my grandmothers house was all dirt road and one lone street light and it was the only source of light for a long while.
After a while my grandmother started to hear what sounded like screaming and running. Sure enough it was the neighbor boys and her brothers. But because of the lack of light at their direction she couldn’t see much at that time. Beside her her mother started cursing more about how late they were and how rude they were being running like lunatics that late at night.
Then at that point the boys were soon visable as they pass the street light and slammed themselves into the small wooden doorway of her mother’s house, toppling and tripping over each other.
My grandmother noticed immediately that something was wrong. Her mother got up , hands on her hip, ready to school them. But stopped in her tracks as she saw the boys’ faces streaked with tears and their faces pale.
“Now what the hell happened? What’s got you all spooked?” My great grandmother asked them in Spanish.
The boys sputtered and sobbed but finally my grandmothers older brother spoke up.
“The crying woman is following us and telling us to go with her!” He sobbed and clung to her apron. “She’s still behind us! La llorona is still here!”
My grandmother didn’t believe them, she though they were just trying to get out of the punishment, until her brother pointed out the door.
She didn’t see anything but her mother did. And she did the complete opposite of what you’d expect. She laughed.
She turned to the scared boys, “See? This is what happens when you searching for trouble and don’t come home before dark. See? Ah, I might even let her take you for not listening to me. Go eat, all of you,” she waved her hands on a shoo motion,” I’ll deal with this.” She continues to chuckle.
The boys quickly got up and obediently did as they are told.
Then my great grandmother marched back out to the porch sat in her rocking chair and knitted, and looked out into the darkness. That’s when my grandmother finally saw it and then heard it.
A shadow passed back and forth under the only light in the village and a loud desperate wail filled the night. My grandmother was frightened and started shaking. Her mother then started chuckle and continued to rock.
“Go on you little b****, keep on wailing, but you ain’t getting none of these kids.” Another sob/wail,”si, si keep going you are not welcomed here. Now go. Go find someone who’ll listen.” She waved her away. “You want to linger around here? I can wait it out to b****, try me. I’ve got God, what do you have? Go on. Go. None of these kids are yours you dumb b****.” (Now all this was said in Spanish and it’s been known in my family that my great grandmother was very sarcastic and not afraid of anything, she grew up in a tough place and thus she had more back bone than the men in the village.)
The shadow continued to sway and for a brief moment my grandmother saw a long hairs person.
The sobbing stopped by the figure swayed for another 10 min or so. My grandmother claimed that it was like a stand off, she said that you can feel a sort of electrical tension going on. But just as la llorona appeared she swayed once more and disappeared.
My great grandmother laughed and said, “That’s what I thought.” Sounding satisfied, gathered her things and make the motion of the cross before she entered the house and after she crossed the door way. She turned to my grandmother and her sister and said,”This why we listen to our parents, ok?”
My grandmother and her sister nodded and clung on to her as she prepared everyone for bed and later as her father came home from a neighbors her mother sent the children home with him.
My grandmother said her mother was something else but always said not to provoke the paranormal. And her stories are entertaining and have lessons too but the proof are the scars my uncles have. So as a warning de careful at night and be wary of Mexico.

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The experience I had was much more terrifying than that