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So, this story is not my own. It’s something that happened to my older sister, who I will refer to as Catherine, while working at Kroger for a year.

Now, my sister has always gotten the attention of guys, being that she’s really pretty and has a silly personality. It’s not rare for her to get hit on or for guys to ask for her number at least three times a day, whether in person or via social media. So, it wasn’t a surprise when she mentioned some guy approaching her at her job.

My sister usually worked as a cashier, but on this particular day, she was stationed elsewhere, which allowed for her to answer questions from wondering customers. She unfortunately caught the eye of an older black male who was average height and looked to be in his late twenties. He approached her.

She put on a polite smile, despite not being too great with customers. Catherine has always had issues coming out of her shell, and she just genuinely was starting to dislike her job at that point. So, she was annoyed when the man approached her, but she still engaged with him as part of her job.

Apparently, the man kept talking to her after she helped him, and he began to tell her how he could just “sense” that she was a good person. He even somehow got on the subject of being black in America and went on some spiel about how he had created a website based around black people having their own language. He wanted Catherine to join, but she, for her part, politely said that she would think about it and the man gave her his email. After that, he finally left and my sister said she was left confused and a little weirded out, but otherwise didn’t think much of it.

I didn’t either, until one day she told me that the guy had found her on that old messaging app Kik. She hadn’t used the app in ages, considering other forms of social media were materializing around that time, so she was confused and surprised that he’d been able to find her on there. She hadn’t even used her real name either, yet somehow he had found her. Catherine just ignored his message, but it didn’t end there.

Maybe a day or so later, the guy sent her a follow request on instagram. Again, she hadn’t used her real name, but he found her. So, this time, Catherine decided to accept his request and followed him back, going to his page to see what kind of content he had on there.

I was beside her when she did this, and on the page, there were about three pictures. I don’t remember what the first two were, but the last one was of some tribal looking symbol that seemed to have something to do with his site about black people having their own language.

There was also a link to his YouTube channel, which only had one video. It was short, less than a minute, but it contained the same weird symbol from his instagram. I don’t remember what else the video had in it, but it just all seemed really weird.

Shortly after that, the guy made an appearance at the Kroger Catherine worked.

From then on, he would come in at least two or three times a week. This didn’t bother Catherine, however, who was now working in the Deli, so any conversation she had with the guy would have to be kept short. Soon after, though, she began to complain to me about how annoying the guy was and how he would deliberately wait behind customers, even if someone else was free to serve him, just so that he could get service from her and speak with her.

Now, my sister, despite being someone who is easily annoyed, has always had a soft spot for guys, meaning she does not want to hurt their feelings by letting them know she isn’t interested. I have repeatedly gotten on her for this, as I feel as though she puts herself in unnecessarily awkward positions and that her actions could be perceived as leading guys on.

So, I told her to just message the guy and let him know that she wasn’t interested. But, predictably, she told me that she did not want to be rude or make him feel bad. I then explained to her that he was acting like a stalker and that, if she continued to give him her time and attention, he would perceive this as a green light to keep doing what he was doing.

I think that my message finally got through to her, after this. Either that or she just became tired of him bothering her, because, at some point, she stopped pretending to be enthusiastic when he came around. This seemed to put him off, as he stopped showing up altogether after a couple weeks or so. Really anticlimactic, I know, but I’m just glad that the situation didn’t escalate into something more and that my sister did not get involved in whatever weird stuff this guy was into.

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