Knocking around on Christmas

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This is a short but creepy story.

I’m from Mississippi and it is December as I’m writing this story. I’m 27 years old and I currently live with my parents. Yes, I know what your thinking but it is tough times trying to find a decent job. Anyway, this happen quite recently. As we all know during the Christmas season, it’s the perfect time for robbers to try to break into your homes. There are always alot of crime around the holiday season. I always thought that kind of thing only happens to people with nice houses. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Our home is pretty average brick house that can blend in with others. My Dad works for Norfolk Southern and he got called for a night shift job in New Orleans Louisiana. So my Mom and I are by ourselves this night. Anyway, let me get on with the subject.

It was around 1 am in the morning and I was staying up late watching Fred Claus when my Mom walk out of her room and told me that our neighbors just called. A group of strange men was asking them for money to get gas for their truck. They said they were from Illinois which is odd since Mississippi is far from the Midwest. They told them that they better leave or they’ll be shot. Eventually the group of guys left their house. Our neighbors demanded that we call 911 in case they tried to do this again.

At this point, my mother was freaking out when all of a sudden we heard someone pulling in our driveway. It was the same group of strange men that tried to break in our neighbors home. My mother was shaking as she peaked through the blinds. He was a middle to short white man at our side screen door. The other guys were sitting inside a red pick up truck waiting for him. My mom decided to use her car alarm to scare the man away. She pressed the button on her keychain and the car started flashing. At first, the man was looking around at the guys in the truck. They must have told him to forget the house cause he left right away. When my Mom peak through the blinds again, she saw the guy going back into the truck and drove off down the road.

I was calling 911 while this was happening & I told the operator what was going on. She assured us that the cops were on their way to our neighborhood. A few minutes went by and then we heard the sirens of a police car heading in our direction. Thankfully, by the grace of God, they caught the guys and followed them back to the city.

I’m not sure if they arrested those men but hopefully they did. This is a night that neither me or my mother will never forget. To anyone else reading this story, I just want to caution all of you to always keep your doors locked & always have a shotgun near you. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas.

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