Kmart Stalker

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This isn’t a story about me. It’s actually about my step sister, she is a really pretty skinny blond, She is usually sassy, but she’s not so educated. She’s not stupid nor is she intellegent.

She’s about 21 years old, I’m not going to say her real name so I’ll just call her Jenny. Her mother started dating my dad 4 years ago, and they have been engaged for 3 years.

I only see Jenny occasionally because she has her own child now. I’m not really proud on how she’s been living her life but I’m not gonna question it. Jenny means alot to me, so when I heard about this… I kinda flipped.

So, she works at Kamart.

This only happened about 2 or 3 days ago, and she’s still easily paranoid being around men now. She first told her mother this story on the phone then she told us the entire story today.

For a 13 year old, I was shocked, I’ve lost alot of family members and I almost lost Jenny. Even if we aren’t kin. I felt bad. She was normally working and putting everything together and organizing supplies.

She met a guy that looked pretty old and nice, he told her to call him John. Jenny thought John just being lonley so she ignored how weird he acted around her most of the time.

If you’ve ever worked in Kmart, you would know that the schedules for the employees is open to other employees for some reason. I don’t know if other Kmarts do it but our does. Jenny was walking down to the stock room, the stock room was dark and quiet. Jenny just ignored the darkness and walled down the stairs but once she reached the bottom.

Someone or something had gotten her in a head lock and pushed her against the wall.

The figure pushed Jenny against the wall and turned her around for her to see John.. he had a malicious look on his wrinkly face, Jenny screamed, kicked, scratch, and bit him, but it didn’t effect him what so ever. It didn’t even phase him, John kept hitting her and telling her to shut up. Jenny then felt something.

John… stuck his hand down her pants. She screamed louder and cried knowing she was going to die, but then her ’employee communicater’ beep and she got an idea. She grabbed onto the communicater and yelled into it.

But then she noticed that it wasn’t a walkie talkie communicater.. it was an inercom microphone. She yelled help through the inercom and the whole store heard it.

John noticed what she just did and chocked her enough to make Jenny pass out. Jenny then woke up in the store with her co-workers at her side.

When Jenny was does telling me this story. She told me my face was pale, I… was terrified. We could’ve lost her and we couldn’t do anything about it..

Remember keep your families close, even friends, because you don’t know nor will you predict what kind of sick world we are living in right now..

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