Killer from the Grave

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It’s been months since my encounter with that humanoid canine thing, and it was in the back of my mind at this point.

Me, my best friend Kevin who saved my life during the dogman encounter, and two others, who we’ll call Cole and Drew were off work one night and we wanted to do something.

That’s when I remembered I had an ouija board in my truck and suggested we all take it to a graveyard. So we met at Waffle House, ate, and piled into my truck.

I was driving, Cole was in the cab, Kevin and Drew were in the bed of the truck. On the way there, I kept messing with Kevin and Drew by brake checking them and jerking the steering wheel so they were practically in a roller coaster.

When we arrived, we grabbed the board and went into the middle of the graveyard. We all set up the board and I started by asking for a name. It just picked out random letters. I asked it to try again, this time it called itself “Satan”.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Any spirit can call itself Satan or The Devil to scare you, but very few dare to take the angel name Lucifer. Those are the ones you don’t want to meet.

I then asked the spirit now called “Satan” how old it is. 6-6-6. I wasn’t surprised.

Drew, being the moron he is, asks if Cole has a big penis. The planchette remains still in answer to his idiocy.

I asked “Satan” if he wants us dead. He of course, responds “yes”.

That’s when it got scary. Drew heard footsteps somewhere, Kevin heard what sounded like a blade scraping against one of the gravestones, and then I heard a voice saying “Die!”.

We moved the planchette to goodbye and packed up the board and hopped in my truck.

I was just thankful that the horror movie cliché if the vehicle stalling didn’t happen.

As I drove, Cole kept checking the back of truck to make sure nothing was hiding there, as we were all so terrified that all four of us got in the cab of the truck.

Let this be a lesson, that ouija boards are fun until you let the moron of the group ask questions to demons.

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