KFC horror story

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I was working at kfc at the time-and i was doing morning shifts one day my boss said that my co-worker,s girlfriend was sick and that I had to do a night shift. I said ok because I needed the hours anyways.i remember I was in the place and I felt like someone was watching me. I didn’t,t think much of it and I just kept cleaning.then I felt a chill go down my spine.i still didn’t,t think much of it. Then I saw somebody out the window they were looking in.and I said can I help you. I got no answer and I just kept cleaning.but this time they were by the door.i was really creeped out but I didn’t,t do anything.then suddenly the police come and they arrested the man.they said he was a killer who killed women.an they said I was lucky he didn’t,t kill me. And till this day I never walk into a kfc

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