Its coming

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Its coming…

Its coming for me i know he is

Every night i see its dark eyes watching me in the distance

I have to drink bottle after bottle just to get the
slightest taste of sleep before the nightmares jolt me awake

Those empty eyes that bore fear into every fiber of your existence

That skin so pale it looks like its glowing stretched so tight over almost nothing but bone it would tear from the slightest movement

My primal instinct tells me to run even when i think of it

But no matter how far i run
How isolated i make myself
How close i am to people
How drunk
Or high
Or happy
Or depressed
The fear just keeps clawing back into the front of my brain

Im a 5’11 168 lbs guy
Always been athletic and agile working in factories and plants so i built up strength from lifting objects not working out

So yeah im not this huge intimidating behemoth of a man but im no pushover either

It all started about a week ago

I stayed in a 1 bed cabin out in a rural area im not going to say where though

I liked the privacy it gave me and i didnt like the processed food of the city so i decided to hunt for my food like the pre industrial days

I always made sure all my doors and windows were locked before i left the house because you never know what could happen and i simply was a cautious person

I came back from a hunting trip with my trusty Remington Sendero SF II and a large bowie knife but unfortunately no luck

As i came back to my property something just screamed in the back of my head dont go in the house

It was weird because i had remembered to check all the locks on every possible entrance so if any would be intruder was in there i would see evidence

On top of that i was miles from the nearest neighbor so what would they be doing all the way out here at almost midnight

But being the cautious person i am i decided to check around my house from the outside and peek through the windows to make sure there wasnt anyone inside in the unlikely case i forgot to lock the door or a window

A brief description of my house;

There the front and only door

So technically one way in one way out

Theres a large wooden and marble table to the left of the door and the kitchen a bit further behind it

To the right of the door is the television which i barely use and of course the couch in front of it

Sitting on the couch theres a window about 2 by 2 that looks out into the forest

Directly to the back theres the closet that i keep my hunting rifle and my backup .44 magnum and 9mm rugar in

To the left of that closet is the bathroom and to the right is my bedroom
In the bedroom theres another 2 by 2 window this will be important later

I walked back a few yards behind a nearby tree to peek inside the windows with my scope so i wouldnt be detected by whoever might be inside

Of course it seems a little over dramatic but as i said im a very cautious person and ive never gotten this feeling before coming home from a hunt

I peeked inside the couch window as i call it through my scope and zoomed in a bit

Nothing to be seem in the living room or near the table however i couldnt see into the kitchen because of the hallway wall

I crawled over to the next tree slowly but surely to get a better view of the bedroom window

Nothing in the bedroom or the bathroom

Of course it was dark in the house but it was enough light from the moon to make out the outline of things in my house and i was sure nothing or no one was in there

I got up confidently and walked to my front door and took out my keys

This whole time the feeling that i should run away never subsided but i decided i was just over reacting for no reason and unlocked the door and went into the house

With my gun still loaded i aimed into the kitchen


With my mind completely that there was nothing in the house i unloaded my gun and put it and the knife into the closet and went to take a shower

As i was showering i couldve swore i heard faint scratching noises but couldnt pinpoint where they were coming from because of the water

I chalked it up to squirrels or rats because of course im in the middle of the forest

As i got out of the shower the scratching became more prominent and intentional

Not like the small scratches of rodent but more like the clawing of a starving rabid bear

I started to sweat thinking this large animal may have smelled the venison from the last hunt

I rushed to grab my .44 that was still loaded but when i turned from the closet i saw it

Lord knows i wish i had just run away that night

This thing

It looked like a man but just barely

Like a corpse had lost all the color in its skin and came back to life

It had no eyes

Not that i could see

But it stared directly at me

It was a few yards from where i had been just minutes before

Probably stalking

Waiting for the right time to pounce

Knowing that it had me struck with fear it started to smile

It fucking smiled at me and i froze

Not a single muscle in my body was following what my brain desperately pleaded with it to do



but my body simply wouldnt respond

The thing brought a clawed hand to the window

It was oozing with something dark

I knew it had to be blood

What else would it have on a claw

It started to drag its finger down the window making a deafening sound with a smirk so wide it looked like it would tear the skin

I felt my blood run cold and my heart sink deeper and deeper as the dragging left a large mark in the glass pane

I knew that glass wouldnt stop that thing

Hell that glass couldnt stop a small rock from smashing it

Me and that thing stood staring at each other for what felt like hours pass but i knew it was only about 30 seconds

For some reason it decided to stand all the way up apparently it was crouching and when it reached its full height its shoulder reached about 2 feet above my head

This thing was fucking massive and far from human or anything my mind could process

Its body was so skinny that it looked like even moving it would break a bone but that was proven wrong when it stood up

It leaned back down to look into the window with that same smirk of malice on its face

I dont think it noticed i had grabbed my gun already

Either that or it simply didnt care

I finally got the balls to move my body again and took aim

It seen this and darted to the right faster than i had ever seen anything move

I heard its footsteps leading to the front door

This was my chance to load my rifle

I put the clip back in it and loaded a round into the chamber

By that time it had forced a claw through the thick wooden front door

This was it

Either me or him

I took aim at the front door before it smashed the door in and slowly started to crawl in

Im sure he didnt expect the rifle because his smirk sank into a serious scowl of pure hatred

Before it could take another step i fired two rounds into him

It let out a scream that cant even be described from this world before it ran off on all fours

It sounded like when a demon witnesses its worst fear and a distorted crocodiles hiss

The feeling of run away finally left me but the fear it in-steeled in me has been here ever since

I know its stalking me

I feel its hatred suffocating me whenever i pass a dark alley or drive down a dark street i have to sleep in the day and travel at night now

Constantly moving so it wont catch me

I see it everywhere

In the city
In the fields
The forest
The plains
Behind me
In front of me
In my peripheral its everywhere and its out to get me

Idk how much longer i can last on the constant run

Im running low on food and money to keep moving

Im currently 120 miles from my home and i still see it

I know i cant tell anyone or ask for help

They wont believe me

Itll sound like another one of those ghost stories or tall tales

I hear its scream now

Even at the break of dawn when its light outside it lurks in the shadows waiting for me to slip up

Til i run out of resources

Til i have to move on foot and im out in the open

Til im exhausted and havent had any food

Til were face to face again in the dark

Whoever finds this at least you know what happened if i disappear

I just hope to god bullets can kill this thing

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