It wasn’t human

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This story took place about a month ago and still haunts me every single night. To start things off, My name is John, I live in a very rural part of Pennsylvania.

The night this took place, me, and my friend, Zach were working on my car in our shop pretty late. Our shop is a medium sized building in the middle of the woods just outside a small city.

The car needed a few new parts to run properly and we didn’t realize how late it was. Things started to get weird around 1am. We had the radio on so its not like we could hear anything plain as day.

Zach did mention to me that he was hearing noises that he didn’t think were coming from the radio. So i turned the radio off and to our surprise, a certain noise did continue. On the roof. It sounded like a scratching or a tapping. The closest I can describe it is the sound of a dogs nails walking on a hard floor.

It was all over the roof too, as if it was running in circles.

It was fast as well, like almost impossibly fast, we were convinced at first that it was multiple animals. Anyways, Zach climbed the ladder into the attic to get a closer listen.

Bad idea, He gets near the top and before he even had a chance to say anything, the thing on the roof started making a very strange noise. It almost sounded like a person gasping for air. Like a deep, vocal inhale but without struggle, it was very smooth and clean sounding but that made it all even creepier.

Zach actually fell halfway down the ladder it startled him so badly. As I was checking to make sure he was alright, whatever was on the roof, jumped off. Which is strange beings the roof is about 15ft high which would hurt a human for sure. When it hit the ground, it sounded very hollow, like a deep thud. Then it ran off almost immediately.

Very very quickly. It was gone before I could even get to the window right behind me to see it.

Zach and I took a few moments to recollect and wonder what on Earth just happened. After about a half an hour of no events, we decided to start working on the car again. Not too much went on and we got the car finished.

It was around 3am at this point. Both of our hearts sank to the floor when we heard them same really fast footsteps in the distance now coming back.

It was right outside of the garage door at that point. I went over to the window and tried to look out. It was so close to the door that i could not even get a look at it through the window. All I could see was its shadow. It was on the ground, on all fours, really skinny, and kind of tall, at least to my waist and im 6’3″. It was literally just standing on front of the door for a long time almost as if it knew we had to come out sometime.

The worst part was, the shop had no phone, and there was no cell coverage. We were practically stuck. Then, to our horror, the thing came over to the window and stood up on its back legs. Now standing like a human in the window.

It was very tall, id say around 8 feet.

Its skin was a pale sulphur color, Its eyes were a glowing yellow. And they stared us down into our soul. Its hands were the creepiest part. It had about 7 fingers and each one was about a foot long. Zach and I were literally petrified.

Having a staring contest with this thing. I had never seen anything like it. It did eventually go away from the window and back over to the garage door. The only way out we had was with the car we were just working on.

We got in and started it, Opened the door, and started to pull out. Whatever the creature was, was gone.

We still weren’t taking any chances.

We closed the door with the remote and bolted out of there. Zach and I have not talked about it since, because it makes us feel nuts and its scary. We also make sure we are out of our shop by nightfall.

For obvious reasons.

I never used to believe in anything paranormal or strange animals, but now, I truly do believe there are things on this planet that no one knows about, and they are terrifying.

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