It was Just a Night Out

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I’m going to give a few details about this story, for starters, it’s not my own. This story came from my eldest sister (I’ll call her Chloe for this) she told me she was 16 at the time and she lived in a bungalow with my father. Me, my brother and my mother had moved away to another part of the county at this point which put much stress on her.

Chloe had always been a party child and without my Mothers influence and guidance, she went off the rails. She went out partying (mostly drinking) in woods and illegal properties like abandoned houses and other buildings… Well, that was until these events took place, and since then, she only goes out to local pubs and social clubs with her boyfriend and her close friends.

In the early March 2016, Chloe went out with her “friends” to one of her parties. My dad had given up trying to stop her from going to these places, she told me the only rule he gave was “If the police get involved, I don’t want to know”, she quoted saying that dad once said “You’re old enough and smart enough to know how to keep out of trouble” and, I know for a fact, that Chloe is non of those things, she was only 19 at the time.

So… Chloe went out, she obviously knew a lot of the people at the party, they were always the same people, but that night there were some different people. Being the social butterfly she is, Chloe got started on having a few drinks and introducing herself to everyone. She told me there was this one person in particular who she really got on with, a boy she called “Jay”. She told me he was quiet a nice guy, they shared a lot in common, I was expecting her to tell me she had a one night stand with him in her drunk blindness, but that was defiantly not the case.

He took her hand and pulled her to one side, they “kissed” apparently. But then she went on to tell me he started acting kinda weird, pulling her about and roughly nipping at her neck and collar bone. Chloe obviously wasn’t going to take that and pushed him off, that’s when she noticed a few red patches on his cheek and lips. She flipped, he’d bitten her so hard he’d drawn blood, and his teeth weren’t sharp at all, and it bloody hurt. With a decent scream of “get the f*ck of me”, a bunch of her friends came over and had Jay by the neck.

Chloe needless to say went home. But that wasn’t the end of it, she kept seeing Jay around town, but did her best to stay out of his line of sight. He added her on facebook, snap-chat and twitter. Every time he did, she’d block him or delete her account. She was really getting angry now, so she did some detective work.

It turns out Jay was part of a Vampirical group online and on Facebook. He bragged about his relationships with his “victims”, and even talked about Chloe, and how “it was worth the hits”. He was reported, Chloe knew she had to at least talk to her friends and tell them about the creep.

I don’t believe in vampires, I do believe in people who think they are vampires. I hate the fact some guy could so easily hurt my sister like that. Chloe never said if she’d seen him again or if he’d approached her at any other time, but for his sake, I hope he never goes near her again.

So, creepy vampire Jay? Let’s never, ever meet.

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