It was a New Mexico Dogman

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Im writing you today concerning an incident that happened when I was living outside of a rural area called Lakewood NM in the year 1999. For some background info, I was 18 at the time that this took place, and was raised my entire life in the deserts of south-eastern of New Mexico on two different very remote ranches. I am very well versed in the flora and fauna of our beautiful state, having spent much of my summers and weekends either doing ranch work on them or just messing around like kids tend to do. I even use to track animals semi-professionally for hunters and even our local trapper. I KNOW the critters around this state. We always lived on very remote ranches, 50, sometimes 75 miles from the nearest actual town. But anyways, my Senior year of high-school, I moved out on my own, being a part of a school work program, and I wanted to live closer to my job and school… Living just around 12 miles from Artesia NM, where my school and job were seemed like living right in town to me.

I guess my story really starts in April of 1999. Me and my boyfriend at the time were rooming with a couple in a trailer house just outside of Lakewood NM. We rented a room from them and sometimes watched their two kids as a part of our rental agreement. For a few months before that April, a lot of the neighboring landowners had been complaining about wild dogs coming up form the river and harassing their dogs and scarring their livestock. We were about a mile from the Pecos River, and wild dogs have indeed been a problem in the area, but this seemed a little more intense. There was even property damage being reported, with one guy a few properties down having had his chicken coup completely destroyed a few weeks earlier. The couple we lived with had two dogs, both of them medium-sized terrier mixes, and neither one of them were on the cowardly side, but they had been getting VERY skittish about going outside at night… So much so that we had to make sure to let them out right at sunset, and again at sunrise, because they would NOT leave the trailer house otherwise at night. It was all very strange.

One night at about 11pm, (It was a Saturday I recall, because I had neither work or school) the four of us were sitting around watching TV and just basically BSing about diffrent stuff when the dogs, who were asleep in the master bedroom on the far east side of the house, started growling and barking. This was really unusual behavior for them, so we all got up to see what they were on about. It seemed as if they were barking at the windows.

By the time the four of us had piled into the bedroom, the dogs had shifted their barking away from the window and seemed to be barking at the wall. Well… along the wall really… like they could smell or sence something there, but it was moving. It was VERY abnormal behavoir for ANY dog, but especially for these dogs. I had never heard them bark like that the entire time I had been renting a room. Even stranger, when they came up to the end of the room, basically in the corner, their barking just went crazy. Like, REALLY crazy. And that was when things got… very real.

Suddenly, from what felt like farther down the wall, about where the kitchen was, we all heard this loud thump and kind of scuffle sound… And what’s worse is we actually *felt* it. It kind of shook the entire trailer house, which was not small for an 18×80 trailer house.

The dogs at this point just completely freaked out… they cried out a high pitch whine, and just scrambled under the bed. The lady who I rented from tried to coax them out for a second, but then we all felt that thump and could hear that scratching noise again, so we all ran out of the bedroom, down the hall, and into the kitchen to see what the heck was up, but peering out the kitchen window was pointless, as it was late, there was cloud cover, and the moon wasn’t even out. You just couldn’t see anything. A few moments later we heard the scuffling noise again and went into the living room because that is where it seemed to be coming from. We were really confused at this point, but also a little freaked out. There was this sort of electricity in the air, and when we talked about it later, we all agreed that we all felt like something was very wrong.

The next few moments after this seemed to happen in slow motion, and will forever be seared into my mind. Appearing in the living room window from the left, and looking right in on us from the glass was what I can only describe as a dogman… Its shoulders were quite human, with short sleek hair, and it had the head of what looked to be a slender Rottweiler with pale yellow eyes. But… It also had collarbones! Dogs DO NOT have human collarbones! And the teeth… Oh my GOD the teeth on this thing! They hung out of its mouth at least two inches and looked razor sharp. All four of us gasped and pulled away, and I am not ashamed to say I screamed a little… there was only a couple of feet and some cheap glass between us and it. But, I guess the noise and commotion scared it off, because it just disappeared from view, almost like it melted. That image is forever seared into my brain though. Also of note, keep in mind this was a trailer house, so the bottom of that window was easily six foot off the ground, meaning this thing was seven-foot something… No matter how big a dog or wolf it was, it could not have stood up and looked at us like that.

The guys (being guys) immediately grabbed their shotguns and headed out the door even though I told them it was a bad idea. (Super dark desert night? Big unknown critter? Uggggh, NO!) I guess they were out there looking around for it for some 20 minutes before they came back inside and said they couldn’t see anything. The light from the house shining on it, and it being so close to the window were the only reasons we saw it in the first place.

None of us really slept well that night. It just felt so creepy.

The next morning I got up early and decided to go have a look around, to see if it had left any tracks to identify what it was. The grass and weeds that were right beside the house pretty much hid any tracks it made there, although I did find where it looked as if something had clawed at the siding along the bottom of the house in a couple of places, making the thump and scuffle sounds we heard from the night before make sense. It had been trying to claw it’s way *under the house* I then decided to follow the tracks the guys had made, and that was when I made a second, very un-nerving discovery.

The guys made clear tracks in the sandy dirt, and whatever it was out there did as well.. because it was pretty much circling them the ENTIRE time they were out there at a distance of about forty feet. The tracks were HUGE and canine with deep nail gouges, meaning this thing had wicked claws. But, the tracks also switched back and forth from four tracks to two… meaning it was walking bipedally for at least half the time it circled them.

I felt like my blood turned to ice in that moment. That thing could have torn them apart at any time, and they had been CLUELESS.

I did not rent that room for very much longer after that. I actually moved two weeks later, just before graduation because as stressful as a move was at that point, it was less stressful than wondering if a monster was looking through my windows at me when I was asleep.

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