It tried to drag me under

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So, my sister, who i’ll just call storm for this story, and I were getting ready for bed and were about to turn on the t.v. but decided to sit down and talk.

I can’t remember what we were talking about but then we got too tired and shut off the lights, she had a lamp right next to her bed, and that’ll be important for later.

Storm was almost asleep when I thought I saw a shadowy figure walking around in front of the door.

The bed is catty-corner to the foot of the bed. It started to walk in front of the bed, then around to side I was on. I kicked Storm lightly to get her up, when that didn’t work I called to her. “Storm…Storm…there’s something here.”

She almost flew all the way up and I had to put my foot on her chest to stop her. “What..” She barely even made the words out. She looked over and saw it then hid her head under the blanket. I didn’t have the blanket at all so I was just laying in the bed, with nothing over me. “Teia, come on, get under the blanket.” I heard her, but showed no sign of it. I was too scared too move.

The figure was standing right above me by then.

My eyes starting getting bigger as it leaned in closer, I heard it whisper something. I can’t remember now, but I think it said “get out” In a dark whispery voice, then just slid under the bed. I went to get out of bed to get out of the room, and just as one of my feet hit the ground something wrapped around my ankle and pulled me.

It seemed like it was trying to drag me under the bed. The bed frame itself is metal, so it started to feel cold and hurt. It was tugging so hard, it was like my dad doing it, but with ten men behind him. Storm starting calling out to our parents, but they never came.

It kept pulling until I felt a warm trickle down my calf.

My leg was bleeding, it let go and I curled up on the bed holding cut. We sat there what felt like hours when our parents came in to call us for a late dinner.

We never told them about what happened, and when they saw the cut I said it was glass, which would make sense since earlier that day my brother broke a cup.

I still have that scar, even a year later, it looks as if it happened yesterday.

Our room is still haunted, we here banging on the walls, and in them. And every night we here something being dragged across the roof. A little bunny that storm has will talk if you push on it, we keep it in the closet and sometimes it will randomly turn on. We want to get out of this room, and luckily we’re moving soon.

So hopefully we’ll be rid of it soon enough.

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