It Made Me Wreck

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To start this story off, My name is Jaryl. I am 20 years old and I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. This takes place in September of 2018.

This year has been a rough patch for me, even more so around the time of September. I would like to take spontaneous drives in the middle of the night, but I normally stayed local. Well, one night, I decided to travel a little bit for the ride because i felt I needed an extra long ride that night. I normally sneak out after my family goes to bed, so nobody really knew where I was at.

Anyways, I got up near my destination, which turned out to be a 30 or so mile long road, that was very desolate. I thought it would be a nice, peaceful drive. My friends from school had always told me about this road being haunted and full of strange animals, but I never really used to believe in that stuff. As I was driving along, It started to drizzle a little bit. It was no big deal as I was only going 30 or so. The road, was pitch black. My only field of vision was coming from that of my headlights. I was going along and that’s when everything hit me all at once. I saw a very tall, strange looking animal in the middle of the road. Like an idiot, I slammed on my brakes really hard, which sent me into a skid because of the wet roads. I landed in a mud filled ditch about 10 ft off the road. Thankfully, I was uninjured. The car was a mess but it was still running, I just could not get out of that ditch.

I pulled out my phone to see no service and a nearly dead battery. I didn’t think it could get any worse at that point. I sent a text to my sister, hoping to god it would send. Nothing. Then my phone died. I was completely stranded, with a 15 mile venture on either side of me to the next town. Then I remembered, that animal, or thing. I honestly didn’t know what it could have been. It all happened too fast but one thing I didn’t forget were its eyes. Blood red, glowing back at me despite my headlights right in its face. I was wondering at the time if I hit it, No, I couldn’t have, I felt no impact before the ditch. I was terrified to even try to get out of the vehicle, scared that it might still be out there. I grabbed my flashlights out of the back seat, along with my bag, and my machete and decided I had to get help somehow, someway. I climbed out of the car through the sunroof because my doors were blocked and i took a look around. Nothing. Dead silent.

I started my journey walking back the way I came, knowing there was a decent sized town on the other side that most likely had a tow garage. At this point, it was only about 1 am, many hours before my family members would awake. As I walked, I kept hearing footsteps behind me. Almost as if something was impersonating my every move. But every time id turn around, there would be nothing there. I walked for about 3 or so miles and then started to get really tired as I went.

Then, all of a sudden, I heard a really loud “Thump” behind me. I turned to see them glowing red eyes, staring me down into my very soul. I shined my flashlight on what appeared to be a very tall man, deer like thing. It stood on two legs, was probably around 7ft tall, and the weirdest thing about it is that it was missing patches of skin and fur. It almost looked like it had open wounds all over its body. I seen patches of muscle and bone exposed, with steam flocking out of each one of them. This thing looked like a creature straight out of hell. All I could do was gasp, that’s when it slowly started walking towards me, and that is when flight mode kicked in. I turned around and ran faster than I ever have in my life. I kept checking over my shoulder as them red eyes got smaller and smaller the further i got. It just stood there and watched me. Watched me run away. I swear I must have ran 3 miles straight before nearly collapsing. I stopped, took my breath as it belt like my lungs were caving in. I sat down and leaned against the guard rail in agony as i struggled to breathe.

Then I started crying. I never cry but this situation broke me down. I sat there for 20 minutes trying to pull myself back together knowing very well that I still had about 8 miles to go. That’s when an absolute miracle happened. I saw headlights. Never in my life was I so glad to see another person. As it got closer, I saw that it was a Red Dodge Ram. It was my dad. I was so confused yet so grateful at the same time. In a miracle of events, my sister was still awake and received my message at 2:21 am, long after my phone died. Which doesn’t seem to make any sense but it was a literal miracle.

We got a tow driver to come tow my car. Upon arriving, the tow truck driver noticed something. 3 Gigantic slash marks that ran across my bumper, and partly up my hood. They were so deep, there’s no possible way a tree branch or something could’ve made such marks in such a perfect, violent formation. The creepiest part is, the tow driver looked at them and said “Welp, that’s why folks don’t drive this road too often at night, you got lucky”. I still do not know what that animal, or “thing” was. But I do not ever want to meet it again. Questions still run through my head “Why did it spare me?”. Seeing what it did to that bumper, if that’s what did it, I wonder what stopped it from doing that to my face. I still don’t sleep well at night from all of this, but I sure as hell do not go for late night drives anymore.

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