It follows me… continued

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I told you listeners in a previous submission about how I believe that there is something following me that I cannot explain. I believe that it, they or whatever it could be has followed me from my childhood home to the apartment that I live in currently. I promised you that I would tell you about my more recent experiences, so here they are.
My boyfriend worked midnights at the time of this happening. So that would leave me home alone from about 10pm to about 6am. The way our apartment is laid out is, there is a staircase that you must go up when you first walk in the door. This leads to another door. When you come through that door, you can go left for the living room and kitchen area, straight for the spare bedroom and right to go down the long hallway. Our bedroom and bathroom are at the end of the hallway. On this night, it was about 2am and I was up watching TV in the living room. What I was watching, I do not recall. However, I was lying on the couch with one of our cats sitting on the couch above my head, and the other on the loveseat across from me. I had all the lights off. The only light source was the light coming from the TV. It was then I thought I heard someone walking down our hallway. There are certain spots on the floor in the hallway that will creak when you step on them. I heard these creaks continue to get closer until they stopped. Both cats sat straight up an and stared down the dark hallway. The first thought that came to mind was that I either woke my boyfriend up or he had gotten up to get a drink of water. When nobody came into the room, I was confused and turned around to look just to find that there was nobody there. It was then that I realized that my boyfriend was at work that night. My cats were still staring so I was starting to get freaked out. I could reach the living room light from where I was sitting so, I flipped on the light switch and waited a few minutes. The cats finally looked relaxed and went back to laying down in their original spots. I decided that it was time to turn the TV off and head to bed.
This next instance happened when my boyfriend was at work again. I went to bed not too long after he left. I would say about 10:30. I woke up around 4am, peeked at my phone and then rolled back over to go back to sleep. It was then I thought I heard someone walking down the hallway again. The same creaks I had heard the time I was watching TV, were the same ones I was hearing right now. The creaking seemed to stop right outside of the bedroom. The bedroom door was open about a foot or two, so I did not even want to turn around and look. If my boyfriend was coming home early, he would have texted me to let me know. I had just looked at my phone, so I knew that wasn’t the case. I would have heard the door to the apartment open as well. I just sat there, facing the opposite direction, holding the covers up near my face. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. The plan was to sit there for a few minutes and then I would roll over and grab my phone, turn on the flashlight and go turn on the bedroom light. Just as I was gathering the courage to roll over, I felt a pressure at the end of my bed, near my legs. It felt like someone had sat at the end of the bed. I flung the covers from my body and ran to turn the lights on. When the lights came on, there was nobody there. After I caught my breath, I went to go see where my cats were hoping that maybe, somehow it was one of them. They were both fast asleep in their bed in the spare bedroom. I was awake for the rest of the night.
My grandfather passed away about three years after I moved into my apartment. We were incredibly close, so it was very hard on me when it happened. About six months after being gone, my grandma had decided that she was going to let go of some of his clothing. My boyfriend was about his size, so she gave him a few of his zip-up sweaters. It wasn’t until he had gone to wear one of the sweaters that he found a Mento in one of the pockets. My grandpa used to carry Mentos all the time not only for himself, but would also give them to us grandkids all the time. I have two small shelves on the wall. On one of them, I keep my grandpa’s picture. I decided to put the Mento on the shelf next to the picture frame. Call me strange all you want, but I could not bring myself to throw it away. The following morning, the Mento I had out on the shelf the night before was on the floor now. I thought it was a little odd so I told my boyfriend about it. He told me that it had probably just rolled off. There is a small lip on the shelf which prevents things from falling off. I pointed this out to him, but he still stuck to his guns and said that it had probably rolled off. Now I know what you are probably thinking. I have two cats and it could have been one of them. However, let me tell you that that is not possible. Where these shelves are located, they are so high on the wall and no furniture around them to where the cats would not be able to get anywhere near them. I put the Mento back up on the shelf by the frame and went about my day. Before my boyfriend and I went to bed that night, I made him check and see that the Mento was secure on the shelf and there was no way that it would be able to roll off. When he was satisfied that it was secure, we went to bed. The following morning when we woke up, we headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Sure enough, the Mento was on the floor again. I turned to my boyfriend to rub it in his face that I had told him so! All he had to say about it was that it was very weird. I put the Mento back up on the shelf again and left it there. This went on for several days. The Meno ending up on the floor in the morning and me putting I back up on the shelf. Finally, one morning when I put the Mento back up on the shelf, I said out loud, “I know you are trying to say hi grandpa. So, hi. I love you.” The Mento never fell off the shelf again and remains there to this day.
The last thing that I can remember that really freaked me out happened probably about two years ago. I was in bed sleeping when I woke up in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes and just scanned the room before rolling over. It was then that I lost my breath and my stomach dropped. In the corner of my room, over by the closet, it looked like there was a man standing there. Or at least the silhouette of a man. It was so dark. The first thing that came to my mind was that my boyfriend for whatever reason was standing over there looking at me. I then said out loud, “What are you doing?’’ My boyfriend then rolled over and asked me what I was talking about. He was still in bed next to me!! I turned to look at him and then back to the corner of the room. Whatever had been there before, was gone now. I blamed it on me having just woke up and possibly being half asleep. I hoped that this was the case. I just told him to forget it and then went back to sleep.

These are the experiences that I have had in the most recent years. If there is something following me, which I strongly believe to be the case, it or they, have never tried to hurt me. Or anyone else for that matter. It just seems that it likes to make its presence known. If anything, else happens, you’ll be the first to know!

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