It followed us home

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During October of 2016 in Michigan, Me and my cousin experienced something that we would never forget.

It was a cool October Friday, and I had just gotten out of school, and it was the weekend I was going to my cousins house. When I arrived we immediately went to the basement where we played Xbox.

After a while of playing I decided to get something to eat from upstairs, I returned with a hot pocket and some dill pickle chips, I also noticed my cousin on the phone with a friend of his from school asking if we’d want to hang out. I agreed and we walked from his house about 3 miles to his friends, we stayed there for a couple hours playing Xbox and talking to girls on social media until it got dark, but before we left we decide to amp up the fear factor and tell some scary stories, after all it was the month of Halloween.

As we left, my cousin told me of a spot near his house in the woods that he had seen when he went hunting.

He told me he wanted to explore it, but not by himself. So I said I would join him. When we got home we “suited up” and went outside. It was probably about 38 degrees and very windy. We traversed through the woods to the spot my cousin had mentioned. As we arrived I felt very uneasy like I was being watched, but this feeling wasn’t a normal feeling of being watched, It literally felt like I was being stalked by something,

I didn’t mention it because we had just gotten there and I didn’t want my cousin to be scared and ruin the excitement and fun, so kept my feelings to myself. We walked for probably another 30 yards where we both stopped to scan our surroundings, we both had family that were in the military so we taught to always scan and be aware of our surroundings,

We looked around for a little while when my cousin tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to a huge oak tree to our left, I looked at it and saw that there was a dark silhouette next to the tree, we both kneeled and waited for any signs of movement from it, there wasn’t any so we moved towards it, it was just a big rock.

We both laughed and taunted each other saying we were scared. But I truly was becuase of the feeling I had earlier.

We stood in the darkness after exploring the entire part the woods. I have to admit it was nice to get out of the house. We were talking about a girl that he had a crush on at school when we were interrupted by coyote chatter, very very loud and obnoxious coyote chatter, we could tell they were close, we were Startled by the sudden outbreak of noise.

We started to walk back towards his house when the noise suddenly grew louder and louder I would say that they were probably about 350 feet away from where we were standing. Now I am no animal expert but I am not sure that any animal will run straight towards a human twice there size unless they were cornered, hungry or had rabies.

But these coyotes, there were 3 of them ran straight for us, we screamed as we thought that they were going to attack us so I picked up a stick in ready of defense, but they ran right past us, on ran in between me and my cousin, it was like they didn’t even know we were there.

Extremely shook up and confused we turned back to see that they were still running in the same direction. We looked at each other in amazement. And looked forward to see a large thing standing near the edge of the tree line, it was on all fours and probably standing 6 feet at the shoulder but didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen before.

We both froze as we had a staring contest with this ‘thing’. We stood there for a good 2 and a half minutes when it turned around and ran. It probably was just as surprised and scared as we were. It was a fight or flight situation and we definitely were not going to fight whatever that was.

So we ran faster that I’d ever think I could run.

When we arrived back at the house, we were out of breath. We got back in the house and quickly told everyone we knew what had happened, it was late but we didn’t care, we we terrified yet amazed.

We didn’t get any sleep that night and fueled our body’s on five hour energy’s and monster, the next night is when I decided to go home early, becuase as i was looking out the window toward the woods, i saw two yellow eyes gazing at me.

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