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This didn’t happen to me personally, but to my older brother.

We used to live in a very rural reserve of western Canada. The closest town, roughly populated with around 1,000 people, was about a 15 minute drive away. There’s a small village “up the hill” with a small convenience store & old abandoned hockey rink. Across from the rink, along the highway, sits the old rez school. Around the school were multiple portable classrooms. All of them abandoned after the new school was built 5-6 years earlier.

At night it gets super dark with the only light coming from the village or, on this night, the moon. My brother and a few of his friends decided to go climb on or break in to the old school or the surrounding buildings. He and two of his friends couldn’t get into the main building so they decided to climb onto one of the portables.

He and one of his friends easily climbed on. His third friend was shorter and had a harder time. When they tried helping him up they saw a fourth person around the corner. His friend on the ground heard a noise and said, “someone else is here!” They looked in the direction of the noise and saw someone standing there. My brother asked if it was interested in joining them. He said it looked startled and ran to the open field behind the school. Now, the only light they had was the full moon, but he said it looked human but had pale skin, long arms and legs, and wings. The thing stopped running, looked back at them and flew into the air. My brother and his friend on the roof of the portable jumped off. He told the third friend on the ground to run back to the village. All three made it to the village in 3 minutes.

When they got back to the village, they went to one of his friends house. My brother called my mom to pick him up. So off she went. Then next day my brother finally told my mom what happened. He doesn’t like talking about it to this day. It interests me but also terrified me because I know my brother and it’s not easy to scare him. But he was terrified that night.

I thank God everyday that we moved away from there 6 months later, for unrelated reasons.

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I’ve heard about that creature. It’s called BatSquatch (not joking)