It comes at the worst times

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I guess the correct way to start this is by saying that I’ve seen this thing and many others that most people would call creepy all my life I guess I attract them like a magnet.

Anyway it was 2010 and I just woken up from a nice nap in my living room and all seemed normal.

I walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water then go back to bed. After filling the glass I heard Gracie ,my husky, start barking out back.

I assumed it was a squirrel or a cat so I didn’t bother investigating. After yelling at Gracie telling her to be quiet in fear of having the coss called on me by the crazy old lady that lives next door I went back to bed to lay down.

It couldn’t have been more than a 30 seconds after I fully layed in bed that I heard what I thought to be a piece of wood hit the side of my house. Now I knew someone was outside fucking with me so I did what I thought i should do which was grab my colt and waltz out my back door like a man ready to kill.

What I say was something I’ll never forget. Standing in the middle of my backyard is Gracie.

I saved that dog from a pound and brought it back to health I loved that dog more than anything but there she was standing like a human in my backyard.

I was shocked so naturally the first thing I did call her name.

As soon as I breath in to call for my beloved dog that I had knew so well this thing turned around and looked at me. I realized this wasn’t my Gracie this was far from it. As it turned around I saw that it was Gracie’s skin wrapped so tight around this things body almost perfectly covering it like a jacket but it was inches from the things eyes and Gracie’s head or scalp whatever your wanna call it was layed over this things skull like a hat.

I pulled my colt up and squeezed out all the rounds I had in it only after i had let the last one out did I step back in and run to my room to find the second mag i kept loaded just in case.

I hit the mag release and let the empty mag slide out and fall to the floor. I jammed the second mag into the gun and grabbed my knife off night stand. I was at the ready for this thing to come for me but nothing. I slowly walked through my house with my gun in one hand and my knife in the other.

I checked the whole house to make sure then I went outback again. The thing was gone but what I found…… It pisses me off to this day. My Gracie was torn to pieces I mean shredded but there was no skin left on anything and the wood hitting my house that woke me up was her dog house slightest all about the yard. Needless to say the cops came and i had to show ownership of my handgun.

I gave them some fake ass story about a robber killing my dog then when they left I sat and waited thinking of what I needed to buy to make sure I was ready when it came back.

I realized I shot it. Now I’m not saying I’m the best shot ever but I’m far from a terrible marksman now with my ar15 I can drill targets from 150 yards no scope.

So how could I miss a whole clip from 5 yards with a colt I built from the ground up to target shoot almost perfectly. Well I didn’t at least one round round its marl because there was a blood trail leading to the wood. I followed it for hours with an ar15 night vision scope and mounted flashlight ,the scope to see when I didn’t want anything to know I was there if i thought I got close and the flashlight to follow the blood.

I never say anything more than a couple birds. So to anyone that has a dog they love keep it in eyesight and keep protection near by or your beloved pet might end up like my poor Gracie.

And fair warning to any that live in Tennessee these things are real they live in the woods and when you hear gunshots deep in there just know someone like me that lost something or someone to those things went looking and found it just like I should’ve done.

And to you the one that took my Gracie from me if we cross paths again I’ll do you worse than you did her.

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