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By anonymous

i’m telling you this story because i don’t knowwho else to tell this all started last month in september ,23,2018 i live in virginia and i’ve seen many things and heard many sounds but nothing will ever prepare for what i saw that day i was in my room playing call of duty before i left out to go hunting with my cousins and my one brother i’ll call them Jake,Brandon,Mike after the game of call of duty we all went to go hunting so i grabbed my ar15 daisy bb gun you know just for squirrels and any other small animals we went out side and drove the atv out to the hunting area but when we arrived it was like walking into a horror movie sight there was at least 4 dead deer completely torn apart and we saw whahad looked like another deer off in the tree line but when i aimed my rifle to it. It stood up on to feet and my cousin Jake asked us all if we saw the same thingso no one said anything and since we had drove 3 and a half miles out to go hunting so we all agreed to pretend that we didn’t see the creature and we all went out in groups me and Jake went one way while Mike and Brandon went another Jake was hoping we killed a deer first but something told me to leave but i didn’t want to cause if we did we would have to go look for Brandon and Mike and i really didn’t want to so we kept going deeper into the woods we walked about a mile then we saw 4 deer the other three was huge and the fourth one looked like it was hurt and looked like it was decaying so Mike aimed his rifle i told him to wait but he fired the gun anyway hoping he hit which he did the other deer had ran from the sound of the rifle so Mike so happy he hit a deer ran to go look at the creature and to finish it off but Mike ran back in fear yelling “it’s not a deer it’s not a deer” so looked to where the deer soppose to have been laying dead but it was getting up on all fours then it rose on its hind legs like it was normally free to then i noticed the to front hoves was hands with sharp long claws it looked at us as if we was going to die it started to walk to us in a slow manner but it was gaining ground fast it stopped a couple feet away from us and looked at me and said wait in my voice”wait” and when that happend me and mike ran for our lives not looking back the creature kept using my voice saying wait”wait wait” then it let out a scream that was blood shredding we got to the atv and we was met by Brandon and Jake we all got in the atv as fast as we could and left we thought just cause we near made it out it was all safe but it wasn’t the thing had been chasing us the whole time but as strange as it was it stopped and watched us leave and we never saw this thing again and i never went hunting again

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