I’m sure it was a skinwalker

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I live in Canada on the border of Ontario my family are respected hunters each year me and my dad go into the woods at the back of our property to camp and get some hunting done but the last time I went out was by myself cuz my dad had injured himself a week before the ride down there was the same but when I got to my camp site something felt off it was to quite for a forrest but I kept on setting up my gear by the time I was done it was about hour before dark so I went to my tree stand and got my 30 ot 6 ready I was sitting up there for 30 mins when I saw a 6 point buck but something seemed off about it but I took aim anyway I fired and I know I hit it but it didn’t react it just slow turned towards me and looked right at me and let out this fucked up scream like sound it was the worst thing I have heard it started moving towards me fast so I slide down the ladder of my tree stand and booked it towards my truck witch was at least 1 mile away I heard that thing right behind me the whole way but the sound of its run it sound like 2 feet instead of 4 the whole time I was running I was waiting to feel it pounce on me and take me down when I saw the truck I ran into the driver door and dented it I swung it open and started the with a loud roar the diesel sprung to life and I put it flat on the floor and took off down the trail almost flying off the road every curve when I got home I ran from the truck to the house slamming and locking the door behind me my mom was at the hospital with my dad still I went to my room at just sat there trying to figure out what I saw in all my years of hunting I’ve never saw something like that the next dad me and my buddy went back there in my truck to get my gear when we got there my camp site was trashed my tree stand wash ripped off the tree and scattered everywhere and that was the last time I went hunting alone.

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