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Okay. So this is a bit long and might get boring as I’m a writer, so I add too much detail, buy trust me, it’s worth it. My name is Naja, the German pronunciation is how my name sounds, and I will be typing this up on a mobile device, so sorry for any spelling, grammar, whatever mistakes, as autocorrect is a real bitch.

Anyways, I should mention that these are not all my experiences, and not all of them were dangerous, but still pretty underwear ruining when you’re in the situation. The first experience I’ll talk about was one of my most recent, and it happened just this January.

I was having a sleepover with my good friend, who I’ll call Lori for this story. We have hundreds of sleepovers a month, it seems, as her mom literally has to ground her to keep her from coming over. She is one year older than me, two to three inches taller than me, slightly tanned and has a lot of freckles. She’s a tomboy, like me, but she still has a better fashion sense.

Anyways, Lori and I were sitting in my living room on the couches, right across the room from each other, when I tell her, “Let’s play hide and seek!” It was dark, and we were home alone, so of course she says we can as long as we turn all the lights on. My downstairs is impossible to hide in, as the four rooms are in direct sight of each other. There’s maybe two hiding spots, at most. So we always play our games upstairs.

We head up there and turn on all the lights except in my room, the attic, which we decided not to use. At one point, it was her turn to hide, and I count to twenty, rush upstairs, and immediately into the first room I’d ever been in in this house.

When we’d gone up to turn on the lights, the closet up there had been shut, so when I saw the closet was open, I figured Lori opened it and smirked, knowing she was in here now. I crouch down and look under the bed, and Lo and behold, there’s my side hoe, my main bitch, my asshole Lori.

She complains about how fast I found her, and I explain that I knew she was in here because she hadn’t closed the closet back up. She was confused. She told me she never opened the door. We both come to the realization something had opened it, and run from the house, going hell nah and whatnot. It was freezing, there was snow everywhere, and she was in socks. Sucker. We never found out what opened the door, and we no longer utilize that room for our silly games.

By the way, just so you know, this isn’t a single door that swig open, or a closet that falls open on it’s own. It’s a two door closet with sliding doors, and these doors weren’t cracked apart, they were wide open, pushed to either side. That’s why it’s so strange. Pretty uneventful, I know, but it’s still spooky.

My second story is about a time I went to my old elementary shool, this past summer. I was again with Lori and another of our friend’s, who I’ll call Michelle. She’s heavy set and has a shaved head. The classic butch look with short sleeves and jeans and sneakers.

She’s cool though. So on this night we decided we wanted to go for a walk, and not just around town or somehing, cause I’m the person who can’t do anything without a goal. So we decide to walk the half hour to my old elementary school and go on the playground. We may be teenagers, but we’re such fucking little kids at heart, haha.

Honestly, out of all 3 of us, I think I’m the only one who still believes this story, cause I’ve had paranormal experiences before. Anyway, me and Lori and Michelle are on the weird seesaw things where you aren’t directly across from each other, the metals ones where you’re diagonal… It’s hard to explain, but you know what I’m talking about when you see them. These things can seat four people, but you need two people to one set, so I was the odd duck.

I walk eight feet away to sit on the swings while they talked. I stare out at the empty field and woods beyond it. O give you a bit of a layout, there’s the playground next to the school, adjacent to this little loop around road. Across the road is this big empty field where I’ve almost been run over three times by deer, and beyond that is a small neighborhood. Across from the field the other way is some woods, and there are three lamp posts along the woods. Two light blue, one orange. The orange one is our main focus, as it was at the corner of the gravel road leading into the the woods, the road adjacent to the playground, and the road going along the woods.

As I’m sitting there, swinging lightly and zoning out, which I’m really freaking good at, I notice something at the corner under the light. It was this humanoid figure, crouched low to the ground. It’s like in those movies where there’s a savage human, who’s not abiding the rules of society but instead animals. Tarzan or whatever.

I could only see their upper body, and honestly, there wasn’t much to see. It was a pitch black shadow creature. It had a bald head, no distinguishable features, and despite it not having eyes… I could tell it was watching us. I stare at it for a good ten minutes, trying to figure out what the hell it is, when I get this feeling of dread. We had to leave. I tell Lori and Michelle about this creature, and Lori was the idiot who decided to go closer. She thought it looked like a German Shepherd, except all black. (We later scolded her for this, as even if it was a dog, she shouldn’t have approached it.)

Me and Michelle scream no to her and we all break into a sprint down the road. I didn’t feel much fear, in fact, I felt none at all. I’m not trying to sound fake or brave, I just… don’t get scared. I felt angry.

I wanted to hurt this thing for scaring my friends. But I was smart enough to know I couldn’t. So we run off and stop around the corner in front of a church to catch our breath. It hadn’t followed us, lucky for… It? Us? I’m not sure anymore. But I’ve been told since by them, “There’s a rapist I’ve those woods, that’s what we saw.” “We probably saw a shadow.” “It was nothing, chill.” But I’m not blind. I’ve been back there since, multiple times. There is no way It was just a shadow.

There are no trees that could have cast it, not bushes, whatever. It was protruding from the ditch behind it.

There was no way it was a human or animal. It was directly under the light. It was one solid shade of black, three dimensional. Even in a morph suit there would have been reflected light from the material, or the top would’ve been lighter. There was no way it was anything explainable, and I’ve come to terms with that.

That’s all I’ll tell for now, cause my hands are cramped from typing, but… Closet demon, shadow creature… Pray for your safety we don’t meet.

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