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I am a female, and I have always scared easily. I do not watch scary movies otherwise I will be scared for weeks. At the time of this event I was 17, I shared a room with my little 7 year old sister. That day my friend Zach and I decided to have a little fun and eat some shrooms. Throughout the night everything was fine, but once Zach finally left I decided to go lay down in bed.

Once I got into my bedroom my sister was already in bed. Once I laid down and got comfortable I noticed out the corner of my eye, what looked to be like a person standing next to my bed. Still tripping a little I stare at this figure for what felt like 10 minutes. I was trying to convince myself that it was simply the dresser that sits on the wall right there, even though the shape was way off. It looked like a woman with wild hair, as if she had terrible bed head. It looked like this figures arms were down at the side but sticking out. Like how your arms puff up when wearing a thick coat. The figure was solid black, and the more I stared the more scared I got. Still thinking that I was just seeing things and cursing myself for taking the shrooms. I was just about to brush it off and close my eyes, until my sister turned her head to look at me and whispered “do you see it too?”

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