Ice Cold Hand

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Back in 2013 I was living with my husband and grandparents in a little Hertfordshire town. The house wasn’t old and my family had lived there for the most part only 1 previous tennant.

I woke to hear a girl crying from the otherside a wave of fear hit me as my eyes caught sight of a man at the foot of my bed. This wasn’t sleep paralysis as I had already sat up. The girls crying grew louder as I felt the menace grow. This man wished harm upon the child. So I called out to her.

“Little one take my hand he cannot harm you while I am near”

Stupid, but equally gratifying as her hand slipped into mine tiny and icy cold. The man disappeared and I spoke to girl trying to urge her to go on. This occured for several days and after that the girl had vanished I hope she found peace. He on the otherhand did not go. For months my sleep was broken and I kept seeing him. His anger and menace causing bulbs to blow, items going missing and nightmares.

I honestly felt I was going to go insane.

After one particularly bad episode I had been followed all day I refused to sleep in my room, insead I opted for the settee. The fury was suffocating infact he was trying to throttle me.

This had to end. In the following week I had sought help from a witch and a medium. I was given the prayer to St. Michael to say every night, and went through the house burning sage and reciting protection and cleansing spells.

The man had disappeared and for a while I felt safe. That was until my husband and I moved out to our own flat.

You see he hasn’t truly gone, it is a battle of wills and one that is draining he is still waiting for me to make a mistake or to be significantly emotionally drawn that I cannot put the power I need to into my spells.

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