I worked at Walmart once.

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Warning: Im not much of a writer.

I worked at Walmart when I was 19. I was a newlywed, but shortly after my husband and I married, we went through some rough stuff and we needed a break. He was living with his mom a couple hours away.

I had a MeetMe account I used to chat with local people, male or female, to try and make friends but nothing ever really came of it. Except once.

I talked to this guy, Brandon. Sort of talked, not really. He was an average looking blonde hair, blue eyed guy. Around 27. Again, I was 19 so I was already turned off by him being almost a decade older than me. What could we have in common, ya know? He wasn’t much of a conversationalist. One word responses aside from endless, very detailed, compliments. I made it clear I was married so this was another reason I didn’t persue a friendship.

Well, I worked in the Electronics section of Walmart, right off of i5 in a really large town outside of Seattle. About a month into the job, I was couched down in the seasonal clearance section, organizing the mess that it was. Behind me I heard “Excuse me, can you show me where the phone holders are, for your dash?” I quickly stood up and smiled at the customer, “I’d be happy to, follow me” He was making chit chat along the way, and Im a really bubbly person so of course I was fueling the conversation on the way over. Eventually we got there, I pointed them out, and he caught me off guard whe we asked me for my number. I gave it to him, planning to mess some digits up because I could never reject someone but Im not going to give my number to a stranger. Until I saw my name and number was already in his phone… then for the first time, I really looked at him and realized it was Brandon. He was from a town 30 minutes away. Our capital city, with more to offer than my city anyway, so he really had no reason to be up here.

He played it off, saying it was so weird, and he continued to follow me as I walked back to my section. I, for whatever reason, wasn’t absolutely freaked at this point but a coworker needed my help and I definitely felt some relief.

He came back later, and started following me to my car. I told him that as a 19 year old, 5’2 female, I didnt feel comfortable and would appreciate it if he left me alone. He did… or at least I think he did…

Two years later he started working at the Rent to Own agency my mom has a lease with. Again, so far from where he was from before… He remembered me when I went in to pay her bill, he texted my mom about me and got my number from her file. At the time, I wasn’t scared, but a lot of weird stuff keeps happening and now I’m just wishing I would have atleast made reports before…

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