I Watched Some Of The Old Godzilla Movies There Not How I Remember part 2

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(P.s. if you have not read first part……. go do that.)

After what happened I couldn’t sleep. I thought what if someone found it, I thought. I ran outside to my trash can and took the DVDs out the trash can and ran back to my house. For a second I just stared at them and thought how could this happen. Now whenever I was around them they gave Of a feeling of dread. I put the CDs on the counter and ran to grab my hammer. I came back and was prepared to smash them into peace’s, when I heard a voice saying stop. I stoped but then was shot with uncertainty. I put down the hammer.

I realized that the voice was coming from my living room. I looked at my TV and there was a fuzzy out line of a face.
Me: “H-hello?” I asked nervously in shock.
Voice: “You can’t destroy them!”
Me: “W-why?” I asked with uncertainty.
Voice: “If you do Jacob he will be able to come in The the real world!”
Me: “Who are you, A-and how do you know my name?”
Voice: “Jacob I know lots of things. Things you couldn’t even begin to comprehend.”
Me: “A-and who’s he?”
Voice: “The spirit that haunts the CDs!”
Me: “Well if I can’t destroy them what am supposed to do? Just let then sit there!”
Thoughts were running through my head and I was just spewing them out.
Voice: “If you leave them there the spirit will try to drive you towards destroying the CDs.”
Me: “Well what AM I supposed to do?”
Voice: “You have to watch them all, then he should leave you alone.”
Me: “Realy that’s all? That doesn’t sound too hard.”
Voice: “Do not under estimate his power!” The voice uproared at me.
Me: “Okay got it!”

I began too think about the task at hand and remembered that I had destroyed my laptop and that I do not have a DVD player and needed one to do this. Iran and grabbed my wallet and I had 40 bucks. I ran out the door towards my car but came walking back. “Crap keys, keys, keys!” I said vigorously. I drove to my local Walmart and came back home with a DVD player in hand. But my home did not feel like a home at all, it felt more like a death trap waiting to spring.

I plugged in my DVD player and turnd on the TV but before I could the voice said “Be careful.” “Ok?” I said uncertain of what to come. I put in the next DVD sence I had already watch the first two. I put in Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla. It was the same as the last two, gore and one realy crazy violet gored scene which almost made me vomit. In the original MechaGodzilla has a brief fight with Anguirus and breaks Anguirus’s jaw which does draw quite a bit of blood, but what I saw was much worse. MechaGodzilla started to slowly riped Anguirus in half.

I was ready to barf. Then came the last film, and the worst. Godzilla: King Of The monsters, the original. I was expecting the same as the others, and it was. But it looked as if the actor inside the suit, was in pain. Each time Godzilla got injured I felt pain. Finally when the film was coming to its climax I had seen I had bloody scratches all over my body. Then the screen went to static slowly revealing the gored Godzilla I had seen 5 hours ago.

“Hi Jacob. Last time we saw each other we were…. interrupted one per say.” He spoke demonically.
Me: “How do you know my name?”
Demon: “Oh now Jacob I know lots of things. Things you couldn’t even begin to comprehend.”

Those words began flooding in my head. “lots of things” Then I remembered that was the same thing the voice said.
Demon: “Oh did you put two and two together congrats you can think.”
Demon: “Oh no my friend ‘LIED’ is a little bit of a exaggerated word I would say I, spoke fauls truth.”
Demon: “The POINT was so I could do this, boop!”

In the matter of a second I showed up is a world of black & white. Around me were dead bodies and destroyed buildings and then I heard I. Thumb Thump THUMP. I turnd around to see a giant Godzilla stomping towards me. I ran as this thing got closer and closer. I hid behind a large chunk of rubble, I peaked around the side and it breathed it’s atomic ray. But then something hit me, this hole time just been trying to scare me.

I jumped from behind the rubble. “Oh there you are!” The demonic being said. “I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!”I screamed “Oh really so THIS doesn’t scare you?” He said while nocking down a building. “I NOT AFRAID!” I yelled. The creature began to cry out in agony, this is when I knew my plan was working. I continued. “Agh ahhhhg AHHHHHHHG AGGGH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The beast screamed while bits of flesh were pealing off peace by peace until, he exploded into shards of skin and flesh.

Before I knew it I was back home and the DVDs scattered. Now I keep them up on a shelf, but sometimes I can hear a voice “Jacob?”.

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