I wasn’t scared but I am now.

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I work nights as an Asda colleague. Asda is a member of the Walmart Family here in the UK. Just a little background about myself before I get to the main events of that night. I’m a 24 year old guy from manchester in the UK.

The job i work requires me to pull heavy pallets of beers, wines and spirits from warehouse to shop floor and stock the shelves.

Not the most glamorous job in the world but at least it pays the bills. In this job I’m contracted to work Friday to Sunday. I should also mention I’m going to be joining the RAF soon and am using this job to get by while I train so I can pass fitness tests. So anyway, friday night just gone I was on my way to work travelling through the old reservoirs not too far from where I live.

As I’m riding through this rocky dirt road that cuts through the densely wooded area between the middle of the bodies of water leading to the hill I’m bracing my already aching legs for I begin to get the feeling that I’m being observed.

That unmistakable feeling of eyes on you, watching and unknowing of who or what their intentions are. I’ve never been a ‘run like a bitch’ type of guy so by the time I get through the other side I’m intrigued as to what was watching me. So I stop at the bottom of the hill, partially to give my legs a rest and to see what is watching me, all the while still feeling the familiar gaze of the unknown piercing my body from all angles.

I park my bike and walk over to an area where excess water runs off into the other reservoir.

As I’m stood there, sun setting and glistening vibrant red and orange against the water blinding me for seconds while my eyes scan the horizon and opposing treeline. I don’t see anything. I must have stood there for maybe 10 minutes, all the while still getting that feeling.

Assuming after this point I’m going crazy and just feeling paranoid for no reason, I get back on my bike and proceed to kill my lungs and my legs with a 10 minute ride up what felt like a 45 degree angle until I hit the flat ground at the top where the road meats a park path to the left. I stop at a bench and breathe.

The park itself is mostly grass. Long and winding paths dot the area, it’s mostly a cut through to multiple places, hence why I’m using it to get to work. It’s 20:30 at this point and I’ve got a 45 minute ride ahead of me to get to work so I’ve got time to sit down, reply to a couple of texts and… wait.

I get that feeling again.

Behind me, about 50 ft to the treeline that’s where it is. I lit a cigarette and listened for movement, a noise, anything because at this point it was pissing me off. Who ever or whatever it was that was following me would know they were following the wrong dude. After I finished my cigarette, taking the final burning drag that stings the throat. I threw it on the ground as I stood and turned to face the treeline, still seeing nothing but still feeling the drill of eyes in my skull. Getting annoyed that nothing was there. Either to soothe my paranoia or put a stop to this shit I began to walk over to the trees where I sense it’s gaze emanating from.

About 30 ft away and I see darkness. It’s already dark now with just the ambient light from the setting skys twilight eminance dimly lighting the darkening park. I continued walking staring into a bush and suddenly got a feeling that I shouldn’t be doing this. Hairs my neck, my arms and even my head beginning to rise. I ignore it, as hard as it was I ignore it and quicken my pace.

It was so fast. It happened in the blink of an eye. But at the same time it felt like an hour. About 10 ft from the bush my ears began to get pressured, like the feeling you get at high altitude, but I was in a park in the middle of Manchester.

Only about 100 or so ft above sea level. I saw the bush twitch. Fear kicked in and I was paralysed.

It chirped then growled. It was black as night and it had something in its dog like maw. It was 4 and a half ft tall, it was on all fours. It’s eyes. My goosebumps writing this now feel like the hairs on my skin want to burst out and run for the hills. It’s eyes. They were red. I don’t mean bloodshot, I don’t mean glowing from the light of the sky I mean they were red with pin prick small pupils.

It’s arms were long and veiny and it’s legs were massive and powerful from what I saw next. It’s head darted up at me. Fight or flight kicked in and I punched that mother fucker in the snout. It didn’t seem to phase it. It stared and growled as I went to land a kick and warcried at the top of my lungs at this thing. It stood after a good belt to the face from a size 10 boot and I shit you not this thing was a foot taller than I was and I’m an average size guy of around 6ft.

Another opportunity to kick out at this thing arose as it dropped a grey cat from its mouth. Straight contact to its knee. I felt it buckle a little as it howled a gross gurgle that I can only assume was a mixture of pain, saliva and blood from the poor cat.

It darted away and I don’t fucking know why but I gave chase and managed to tackle it since its knee was fucked from the kick. We both writhed in the grass struggling for power, I somehow got kicked off after a punch to the face.

And it ran the direction I came from. I stood up, woosy and a little punch drunk. And went to my bike. Sitting on it and shaking and staring to where it’d gone I realised that that fucker had hands. It punched me. With a fist. Needless to say I won’t be traveling that way for a while. Or next time one of us might finish the job.

I called in sick for that weekend.

I’m writing this to see of anyone in the Manchester area has seen this or felt anything like this near woods and what they think it is. After a little research I think it might be been a skinwalker but we’re in the UK. I’m perplexed. I’m scared now.

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It almost sounds like a black shuck but I know black shuck’s don’t have hands…Odd, very odd. But I know a lot of odd things happen up there in the UK so…