I was saved from being kidnapped

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I was in the house one late night, and I had forgotten to exercise today, so I decided to go out for a late night run. I live in a dangerous neighborhood, there are at least three rapists that I know of that live there, and there has been one shooting, which was just two blocks away from my house… Despite this, I went for a run.
My mom always watches me run from her car, just to be safe. There is a small park in the back of the neighborhood with lots of bushes and places to hide, and all of the lights around the sidewalks are dim. Just as I was passing the park, I saw a silhouette of someones head just behind the bush that was closest to me.
I hear someone call out quietly “hello,” and then the person stood up and I looked over my shoulder to see it was a man, much taller than I was. I wasn’t that scared at first, until I saw that he was holding some metal and shiny in his hand. He started walking towards me, calling out again, louder this time “HEY!” Then he started running towards me, I was terrified that he might have had a gun in his hand and that he might start shooting, but just then, my mom pulled up in her car and rolled down the window.
The guy stopped chasing me, seeing that there would be witnesses, and ran away. I ran around the bend till I couldn’t see the guy anymore. If my mom hadn’t been there I might have just died. I finished my run, without seeing any more creepy people. I kind of liked the rush of being chased, I don’t know why, but I guess I just liked having a creepy story to tell people.
However, that’s not where it ended. Two days later I went for another run, during the day this time. And as I was passing one of the houses, I saw the man… the SAME man, outside washing his car. He smiled at me. And I stopped myself from laughing, smiling back. He was insane if he thought he would be able to catch me this time. And he didn’t try.
If you wish to contact me, my Steam profile link is: a-bowl-of-ramen-noodles

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