I was kidnapped

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Im sorry, i actually suck at writing experiences.

To start things off, the year was 2006 in July I believe, and I was only 6 years old. I lived in a trailer park in a small town in northern Illinois when this story took place.

One of my friends, Ruby invited me to have dinner with her family for the evening, and my mother said yes, but that my sister, Violet had to take me there, and she had to bring me back home when I was done eating. I was fine with those conditions so I agreed.

Violet walked me over to Ruby’s trailer and said she would be back to get me in 2 or so hours.

After i finished eating, Ruby’s mother’s church friends came to the house so i said i had to go home.
Ruby walked with me out of the house and as we were saying our goodbyes, we see the ice cream truck speed by and Ruby wants to get ice cream, and she runs off.

I chase after her mad because she was supposed to wait for my sister with me but she didnt.

The ice cream truck stopped in front of the neighborhood pond, where all of the kids, and some of their parents were at, some were fishing and others were just watching their kids.
I waited for her to get her ice cream so we could go back to her house before my sister got there before us.

For more of an understanding on where i was standing, if you were looking at a street as if you were driving, the pond,kids,and the ice cream truck would be on the left side of the road, while i was on the right side of the road.

While i was waiting i was approached by a man who seemed to be somewhere in his 50s. He asked me if i wanted to walk his dog and i said no, and that i was waiting for my friend to finish what she was doing. He said it would only take a minute. I repeated myself and started to walk closer to the crowd, when he grabbed my arm and started dragging me. It caught me off guard so i didnt respond to it because i was in so much shock.

I kinda blacked out somewhat but what i remember next is being in a different part of the trailer park and hearing my neighbor yelling my name. At this point i started crying, which only made the guy walk faster to his destination.

When we made it to his house, he picked me up and took me to his room and said thay everything would be fine, he just wanted to take pictures of me. Which he took a few ((with my clothes on)).

There was a knock on the door. He told me to stay put while he went to see who ot was.

Once he was out of the room i got up and looked out of the window, but i couldnt see who it was. I stopped moving and listened to try and hear who it was. I heard the neighbor who was yelling for me before. I froze because they were yelling about me and it made me think that i had done something wrong. So i didnt yell for help.

After they were done i heard the door close and him start to walk back. The door was knocked on again. He walked back over, and i listened,scared outta my mind. This time it was my sister who was yelling for me and asking where i was.

Im not sure how much time had passed before he came back in the room. He looked at me and sighed. He told me to leave and go out the front door. I got up and just about sprinted out. He stopped me and he asked me if before i go if i wanted to see his uh thing. I finally spoke and said nO and then ran the fuck out of the front door , all the way back to my house. The whole time crying.

When i made it home, it seemed as if no one was home. I looked in all the rooms and when i looked in my moms room, my grandma was there so i woke her up and basically had my first panic attack.

I cant remember how or what why? But my mom made it back home with my sister and i told them what was happened and we called the cops. For some reason i thought i was gonna be in trouble and i was scared of the cops but i knew that they were gonna help me?

I had to go to counseling for years afterwards, and to this day im still very much effected by the events that occured that summer day.

Im so grateful to all those people who were out looking for me.

I cannot even explain how happy it makes me that my sister was so brave that she (she was 8 or 9) actUALly went o f f on that guy. I HONESTLY cant explain how much respect i have for her after all these years.

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