I was face to face with a faceless man

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I am a 21 year old male who has lived on the shore line of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada my whole life. The area where I live specifically is surrounded by farmland and dense forested areas that are home to many different animals and the occasional meth head. I had just graduated from lineman school in early 2017 and was hellbent on finding a job right off the bat.

I learned quickly that good paying jobs aren’t common so I took a job as a utility locator. For those of you who don’t know, what I do is find underground power lines, gas lines and telephone lines for home owners or contractors by using a fancy metal detector. This is important because being a locator means you have to go to some pretty strange locations such as abandon homes that are going to be knocked down. Anyway ill get on with the story.

On November 28th, 2017 I received a job for a home demolition and had to find the old hydro and telephone lines. The home owner wanted to meet me so I had a general area of where to stop locating. I gave him a call. He told me this house hasn’t been lived in since 1983 and that he had bought the house about 10 years ago. He had never stepped foot in it which I found odd. He said he would be at the house in about ten minutes.

Thirty minutes later he still hasn’t shown up. A bit annoyed, I started down the drive way in my car. For context this driveway was about a Kilometre long and the house was surrounded by a veil of trees thick enough you could just barely see through them. The back yard of the house was fairly long with old farm equipment and car parts that had been rusted beyond recognition.

I decided to start doing the job since he still wasn’t there and it has now been forty minutes and I was ready to leave due to this isolated house’s creep factor being over 9000. I looked around the house looking for the hydro meter and the telephone cable. During my search I found a door on the side of the house that was hidden by some bushes. Being an adventurous (and stupid) person in general I pushed the bushes aside. The door had a huge hole in the bottom right corner that I could force myself through. At the hole there was animal scat all over the floor. Doing my best to avoid it I squeezed through.

Once I stood up and looked around this decaying old house I notice that nothing had been touched except for a few broken dishes on the floor. All the cutlery was still in the drawers. The dish towel was still in the sink although it was black with mould and rot. I opened the fridge and saw some gross looking slime on the bottom but it was empty otherwise.

I left the kitchen and entered the living room. The old shag carpeting was soaking wet and full of what ever a clean freaks nightmares are made of. Just as I looked up my eyes caught sight of something on the coffee table.

It was a picture. A man in an old style cap and wearing a leather jacket stood holding two children who look like they were having the time of their lives. The mans face appeared happy as well. However his smile look forced and tired. I guessed it was the face of a man who lived, worked and bled for his two kids.

I put the picture down and looked up. The roof above me had sagged down due to water damage. I wanted to explore upstairs but I didn’t want to take the risk of the floor falling under my feet so I just decided to get this job over with.

Once outside I noticed this guy was still not here yet. Pissed off, I found the hydro meter and the telephone line. I hooked onto the hydro meter and turned my machine on.

This is when everything gets scary. When my locating wand is over a power line it beeps. Well the wand wasn’t beeping, it is screaming. Like the power line was laying on the grass. No matter where I waved the thing it would scream.

As I am waving the wand around, my eyes caught sight of something by one of the old pieces of farm equipment. I looked hard as it was kind of far and saw that it was a man crouched down looking at a rusted old tractor. I called out to him thinking it was the man on the phone who I had talked to earlier.

I started to walk over to him. when I was about twenty five meters away my screaming wand makes a pop noise and goes dead. This sort of shocked me as it had brand new batteries in it and shouldn’t have died. I shook it off and continued to the man still talking to him just thinking he was hard of hearing.

When I was ten meters away I stopped dead in my tracks. I noticed something. This man was wearing a leather jacket and the same old style cap in the photo that was on the coffee table inside. I yelled at him because he hasn’t answered me once in my attempts to communicate with him. All of a sudden The light outside had instantly gotten darker and clouds had rolled in out of no where. My ears popped because of this sudden atmospheric change and I grabbed my head because of this shooting pain behind my eyes.

Once I recovered I looked up. The blood ran from my face and I felt my entire body go cold and tense. The man was now standing and was only five feet away from me. His arms were glued to his sides like he was standing at attention. As my eyes made their way up this mans body they suddenly stopped. I let out a scream of horror! This man had absolutely no face. When I say no face, I mean nothing. No nose. No eyes. No mouth. It was a blank fucking slate.

I took a few steps back unconsciously. This is when the man goes insane. He starts screaming this bone chilling, gut wrenching scream. Except its completely muffled. It sounded like when you scream into a pillow but this scream was like he was being burned alive with a pillow over his face.

He falls to his knees and starts clawing at his non existent face. I see cuts appearing on his blank face but disappearing as quickly as they can be made. He gets back up and is suddenly calm again. I didn’t realise this but I had started crying from sheer fright and terror. He then raises his arm pointing straight at me and starts moving his finger as if telling me to come over.

I took that as a sign to run like the wind. As soon as I turned to run, his terrifying screaming began again but his scream was paired with his footsteps close behind. I leave all my gear there and get in my car and floor it the fuck out of there. I quickly glanced in my rear view mirror. My heart fell into my stomach. This thing was standing in the driveway behind me doing a deliberately slow wave to me like some kind of horror movie villain.

I was scared shitless at this point and called my boss and told him I would be ending my day early. I got home and went to bed early trying to forget the events of that day. Obviously I couldn’t. I was on edge for weeks.

Fast forward to Christmas Day. After we had all opened presents at 4:00 pm. My mom gets a phone call and gives the phone to me. I look at her with a raised eye brow and put the phone to my ear.

My eyes go wide and my mouth opens. My parents also have the same reaction on their faces. It was that painful and tortured muffled scream. My parents could hear it from where they were sitting. My dads face changed from horror to anger. My mom however sat there with that same look. I hung up and told my parents what had happened to me that day. They comforted me a bit but I was soon happy again after a few drinks with family and friends.

To let everyone know I have received this same phone call with nothing but screaming two more times since. However its not just me now. My friends and family are now all plagued with this bone chilling scream. This last week however it has subsided a bit. I hope no else has to endure that level of fear I did. I retrieved my gear from that house and didn’t see anything. I believe this creature or whatever it is was the man in that picture. I just hope I never have to see that thing or hear its scream ever again.



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It sounds like you may have met a nupperabo, which is a japanese yokai that likes to scare people. They aren’t malevolent in nature, they feed off of fear. Perhaps it was a spirit who somehow lost their face to an accident.