I was almost taken

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I was almost kidnapped.
( I am not the best writer, I am sorry.)
For the kidnapper, we will call her Jan. I knew Jan, we had used to be friends.
When I had been maybe six or seven years old I lived in apartments with two different parks. The parks were not right next to the apartments, parents would have to leave the house and walk over to check on their kids. I was playing outside by myself waiting on my friend. I am now assuming she had gotten in trouble and was not allowed to come because she had never showed. Anyway, I was playing by a tree by myself when Jan had walked up to me. She started talking to me like always. Nothing seemed off to me.
Jan looks at me with a weird look and says, “ You know, your Mom is at work right now and she left me in charge of you.”
I was weirded out, my mom never worked on Sundays and had been cleaning inside the house all day. I knew if she had to she would have been complaining all day, yet my Mom never said anything about it. Jan had told me that my mom sometimes had to work night shifts and instead of waking me, my Mom would just have jan come stay the night with me. This confused me as well. Why would mom go to work at night, to come home and go right back for another eight hours? I started to feel a pit form in the bottom of my stomach.
I looked Jan i the eyes, “But, Mama never said anything about working today.”
“Well, she had to go in last minute. So now you have to come with me. Look over there,” Jan pointed a little ways away towards an abandoned building, “Were going to go play in there. I heard there’s toys and slides and candy!
The school I went was very big on warning kids about kidnappings. As soon as she said candy I knew what was happening. I started to cry and tried to run. She had grabbed my arm and I bit her, Jan let go. I knew I could never out run her. So I took a chance. I started climbing the nearest tree. (We had a lot of short trees, which were easy for us kids to climb.) As soon as I thought I had been high enough I looked down.
“You’re kidding me right?”, Jan yelled, “Get down here now or I will make you regret not listening to me. I am your babysitter, come down NOW!!!”
At that point she was grabbing my ankle and trying to pull me down, I screamed, louder then I thought I ever could. I saw a man run out of one of the apartments and tackle her to the ground. He got up and asked me if I was okay. I then recognized him. He was my friends dad. When he turned to grab her and call the police she was already running away. He helped me down out of the tree and checked the bruises she had left on my leg from grabbing me. He carried me home while I cried. I do not know if the police had ever actually gotten called or not. I don’t think so though. But, this story wasn’t the scary part. The scary part is what my mom told me. About a year ago my mom had asked if I remembered Jan, I said yes. She then went on to tell me about now she is now in a Mental help hospital, for almost strangling and killing her younger sister. Her mom walked in on it and yanked her off and called the police. I don’t know what “Jan” was going to do with me, but I do not want to know.

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