It Tried To Kill Me

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Ever since I was little I had this scary ability that I could never quite explain to my parents. When things were in the house, especially if they were evil, I could feel them. For a little while I could never really explain what it was until later on, to which I found out that I was possibly Clairsentience. Sometimes when something was in the house I’d get mixed feelings. Sometimes I’d get physical pain, sometimes it felt like there were cold bubbles bursting in my stomach, sometimes I’d get a sense of dread or fear, or sometimes I’d feel exactly what they were feeling.

Being a kid, that was always pretty scary for me, and my family never believed me when I told them I felt things in the house. This had been one of those times. I’m use to having nightmares from time to time, so when it first happened I wasn’t too surprised. Just like any other night I had gotten ready for bed and settled in for a good night’s rest. Sleep had come a lot easier than normally, but me loving sleep as much as I do, I wasn’t going to complain about it.

I remember the dream clearly, almost everything. From the events to the furniture in the room. The room itself had been pretty bare with only a black couch, white walls, light wooden floors that were sort of glossy, and one tall black lamp. There had been no doors and only one window that had blinds on it. I’ve seen the horror movies, and had I been awake I would have never done what I did but for some reason I decided to open the blinds and look outside.

It had been dark as night outside the window, and just as I was going to put the blinds down I noticed that my reflection in the glass looked as clear and bright as me looking into a mirror. It looked just like me, just that it’s eyes were wide as hell, and I felt paralyzed with fear. I’ve felt a lot of evil things before, but not something like this. It felt like it wanted to kill me and I had no idea what to do. There was no door, how the hell was I supposed to get out?

Stepping back quickly it came out the window, and the evil that radiated off of it was making me sick to my stomach. I started to run around as it chased me, and I can’t help but feel like that thing was just messing with me. It could have easily caught up with me, it could have easily just killed me right there on the spot but it didn’t. At the time I was severely depressed, and perhaps that had played a part in it showing up. A little bit into the chasing, a door had been made and through it walked two people.

One of them was over seven feet tall, the other one looked like they were about the normal height of a sixteen or seventeen year old boy. I could feel that they were male, despite not being able to see them or remember what they looked like, and I didn’t feel like they were going to attack me either. Once they walked in the demon had disappeared. The tall one had sat down on the couch with his legs crossed while the other one stood next to him.

“You’re safe now, it’s okay.”

I remember the tall one telling me this once he had sat down, but I was still scared.

“I have to go get a knife, it’s going to come back!”

I remember yelling this at them while in a frenzy of a panic and quickly went to grab one. How I got one, I’m not sure, but I had been right about it coming back. When I came back with the knife clutched to my chest the smaller one had took it from my hands and held onto me with a protective embrace.

“Everything is going to be okay, just calm down. Just calm down…”

He was being so gentle but all I could remember was continuously saying that it was going to come back that I needed the knife because it was going to come back. All I remember was that he took my face in his hands and looked me dead in the face and said:

“I promise you that everything is going to be fine, just relax. It’s going to be okay.”

Finally calmed down I was crying silently and just nodded. He smiled at me and I suddenly woke up. I had been right, because even if I couldn’t see it, that thing had come back and it was in my room with me. It felt angrier than before and all I could do was cry and pray until the morning. It had been whispering threats of killing me while inching closer then going backwards just to spite me, I couldn’t understand it because it was speaking another language, but the feeling it gave me made me understand what it wanted to do to me.

Scared, I texted a friend, now ex-friend, about my problem. She was part of the Wicca religion, and had some experience with demons too. After telling her everything she told me that I didn’t need to worry and that she would handle it. I don’t know what she did, but the next night there was someone else in the room and it was keeping that thing at bay. This went on for a few days until finally the demon that looked like me was finally gone, but it came back not long after the other being had left.

Then my mom blessed the house on random and suddenly it was gone again. We’ve since moved from that house, but I will never forget this experience. The demon who looked like me and was trying to kill me.

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