I Think It Wanted To Kill Me

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Three years ago while I was working and staying at a farm in Upstate, New York, I had a scary encounter with some type of strange being. The farm I worked at was located in a beautiful valley between two densely forested mountains, which also had a stream that flowed into a small lake from a reservoir about 3 miles up the road. Every so often after a long day working, I would stroll down to the lake and relax as the sun went down. The water was usually beautiful, and sometimes in the evening as the cold mountain air moved in, would create this spectacular fog that floated right above the water. Watching this beautiful scene while I sat on an old beach chair would take the stress of work away and rejuvenate me for the following day.

One evening, I decided to stay out for a little while longer and built a bonfire. A thunderstorm had rolled through the area a few hours earlier, so it was pretty difficult getting one started, but I finally did. I sat there for an hour gazing at the embers and listening to the crackling sounds, and everything was peaceful and quiet. Anyone who lives or spent time Upstate during the summer could testify to its natural beauty and wonder.

Anyway, it was time for me to get back home and go to sleep, so I began making my way up the path that ran alongside the lake. There was a right turn at the end of it and a climb up a tiny hill which led to where I was staying. There were also many rounded stones on the floor, so I would use my phone-light to guide me so I wouldn’t trip and fall. I was almost at the turn, when suddenly, I heard this loud splash. I heard sounds that came from the water before, but it was usually just a beaver that is gathering material for it’s beaver dam. But this splash, man it was loud. So I stopped where I was and turned my flashlight toward the water to investigate.

It looked as if something had just jumped into the water, but I couldn’t see what or where it was. I stood there for a moment, waiting to see movement, but the water didn’t move. I was about to turn around and continue on my way, when suddenly, something glistening across the lake caught my eye. I moved a little closer to see what it was: Standing at the edge of the lake was this dark being, at least 8 feet tall, with a pair of large glowing eyes just watching me. I froze. Suddenly out of nowhere, this huge rock came flying my way. It’s aim was a bit off, so it landed in the water right in front of me creating a huge splash. Seeing this, I booked it out of there at a pace I never ran before, and got back to my place shaking and out of breath. I told the owner of the farm what I just saw, but he thought I was out of my mind and didn’t believe me.

A minute later, he got his shotgun and told me to come down there with him to check it out. I was really freaked out, but my curiosity got the better of me; and also he had a gun so I walked down to the lake with him and showed him where I saw it. We didn’t see it at first, but he quickly noticed it by himself after moving his flashlight around. There it was again just standing, staring at us in silence. He dumped his flashlight in my hand and pointed his gun at the thing. Boom! He shot. It let out this blood-curdling screech that sounded like finger nails on a chalkboard, and fell back into the darkness. We stood there shaken up for a little while waiting to see if it came back. But it didn’t, and so we made our way back home, and that was it.

I couldn’t sleep for most of that night, and had plenty of nightmares for a few nights after. The farm owner later told me that he went across the lake the next day and searched the area. He found a small trail of dry black goo that didn’t resemble the blood from anything he ever saw. We spoke about it many times after that, and it became the spooky story we tell people who stay at the farm. Deep down, though, I imagine it’s still out there roaming the woods.

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