I think I saw a skinwalker

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This story takes place at my grandparents farm in southern Alabama. They have thirty acres of land there are lots of deer up there and plenty of other animals. My grandpa and I like to go hunting here.

We had planned a hunting trip for the morning. The next morning I went one way and my grandpa went another he was going to a stand he had put deep in the woods and I went to a ladder stand. This stand had a little box around it it was big enough for 2 people.

I sat down and was watching around for deer. Skip ahead about 2 hours it was about 9 am when I heard a branch snap to my right I raised my marlin 30-30 lever action but what walked out wasn’t a deer it was on its hind legs. They were muscular and it was at least 8 or 9 feet tall and had red liquid dripping from its mouth which was full of razor sharp teeth it was skinny and had abnormally long arms with 4 inch claws I ducked down and would peek over every once and a while the second time I looked over and saw it sniffing the air I knew that It could smell me but it didn’t see me. Eventually the thing walked away I waited there for what felt like hours until I heard the sound of our Coleman UTV I was relieved my grandpa had come to pick me up we got in and went back to the house.

This was one of the scariest encounters of my entire life I hope none of you have to experience the fear I did.

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i hope y’all like this story.