I think I had an encounter with a kidnapper

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My name is Evan, I live in northern Alabama and will be moving soon. I currently live in a quiet neighborhood with my Mom, Dad, little brother and dog. This happened during summer vacation when I was 10 years old. Every day, I had chores to do, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, I had a extra chore. On Monday, I had to take the recycling bin to the road since recycling day is on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I would put the trash to the road because trash day was on Wednesday. Sometimes, people would drive by while I was outside and I would wave to them.

So, it was a normal Tuesday afternoon, around 3:30 PM and I went outside to go get the recycle bin while I brought the trash to the road. When I got to the edge of the road with the trash, someone was coming up the road. After I had gotten the mail, I gave them a wave, but then they honked at me. When I closed the mailbox, they pulled up next to one of my neighbor’s house on the opposite side of the road.

I barely remember what the truck looked like, but I think it was either an old, rusty dark red, dark blue, or black 1989 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pick up truck. A man stepped out of the truck and made eye contact with me. He was African American and had dreadlocks for his hair, he looked like he was in his mid 20s to late 30s. When we made eye contact, he smiled and waved me over.

“Come here.” he said.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard him say this, thankfully, my 10 year old self knew that this was trouble. I began walking towards my house and he called out to me again, I don’t entirely remember what he said, but I remember it being something along the lines of…

“…don’t tell your Mom.”

I had already gotten inside by the time he finished that sentence. I immediately ran into the kitchen where my Mom was washing dishes. When I told her, she was shocked by this and immediately told my Dad who had just woken up from a nap. My Dad confronted the guy and after a few minutes, he came back inside.

Apparently, my Dad told me that the man wanted to “Give me something.”. After a few more minutes, I saw the truck drive away, and I have never seen that truck or that man again.

Now, I probably know what you’re thinking. “How is this scary?” Well, let me ask you this: Why the hell would a grown African American man, driving an old, rusty looking pick up truck, tell a 10 year old kid to come over to him. Think about that for a second, would you think that’s normal? Would you think it’s normal for a grown man to say that he wanted to give something to a 10 year old kid? I wouldn’t.

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