I shouldn’t have waited

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Now I’m not sure if this is a paranormal event or something like an animal but I’ve never told anyone this before and I’m still scared to.

The day it all happened was actually pretty nice the sun was poking through the trees and the odd squirrel chittering off in the distance.

I live in British Columbia and this is where I’ve lived my entire life nothing odd or abnormal has ever happened to me I’m just the odd quiet teenager that likes to keep to myself.

I’ve always liked taking long walks by myself when camping it’s still my guilty pleasure. My family and I had gone camping at a local lake that is largely known in my area for horse show tournaments and adults from all places come to drink smoke and catch up with old friends or meet new people.

This lake is named as you guessed horse shoe lake and once you leave the lake behind it is the Rocky Mountains it’s quite a long journey from the lake to the mountains but where I was hiking I was only a few miles from the lake

I couldn’t hear my campsite anymore but that was fine it gave a surge of happiness to be on my own again. I played around walking for a few miles with my hatchet looking for a good spot to take a nap or build a fort.

I stopped once I reached a small clearing not checking my surroundings as I was comfortable here I knew every stone and pathway like the back of my hand I laid down against a missy tree and stared at the sky for a bit.

I must have dozed off because I remember waking up and looking for my hatchet grabbing it I rolled over and cleared the sleep from my eyes finally standing up I realize the suns starting to set and I’m still quite away from camp I begin the trek back to my fire when I notice there’s no sounds anymore all the squirrels and birds even the bugs just stopped I’ve grown up in the wilderness and any time an area is completely silent something is horribly wrong and you should run.

I paused for awhile straining my ears against my hoodie and when I went to take a step still looking behind me I fall face first into a stump.

I started to laugh thinking it was just me being paranoid, as I’ve never had anything bad happen to me and just to prove myself wrong. I start again towards the camp even slower, my pace relaxed and comfortable
I wish I didn’t do that I wish I just booked it to my camp it was starting to get dark at this point and I started to smell something terrible like something was rotten I know that the area is a prime place for cougars kill sites I was worried I had accidentally found one by accident I look around for any sort of bone pile or guts.

There’s no clear trail and I’m just walking through bushes and trees at this point I’m starting to get worried I have no light on me and nothing to defend myself with me. I remember thinking I’m so dead if I’m being followed by a cat. I stop again and I just feel like I’m being watched.

I can’t shake the feeling so stupidly I turn around and look at the trees crossing my fingers there’s nothing there I keep walking but I felt like if I stopped looking something would grab me from the darkness I was a disturbed child and I never liked the dark my mom always warned me about going outside or to stay indoors after nightfall.

I finally find a mark in a tree that i made with my hatchet on the way there I was close I could hear people talking in the distance I started to run and the noises got clearer I swear I was two feet away from the noises when I finally shot out of the bushes and am at the spot where my camp is supposed to be but it’s not I take a look around and think to myself that it’s only a little ways away.

No matter how fast I tried to get back to my campsite I couldn’t, everything seemed slower I started hearing sticks break in the distance along with I can’t describe it though it sounded like someone muttering or the sounds a dad makes when he coughs that loud sound was the last straw I didn’t care where I went I just wanted the flip away from there as fast as I could.

I finally found the last hatchet mark and signed in relief as I made myself comfy by my fire going through what just happened in my head my sister knows I like to tell stories so I’ve never told her

It couldn’t have been a bear they don’t sound like that or a bobcat I don’t know what was in that forest but I’ve never fallen asleep that fast I always wake up before the sun sets when I’m outside it’s weird like a natural alarm clock telling me to go before a coyote decides to take a quick meal

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