I saw a werewolf

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So about 2 years ago when I was 10. I was going to my grandmas house. In a little town far from my home. But as soon as I got there I felt something weird. Like my mind was telling me that something wasn’t right. But I just ignored it.

But after I got inside I wanted to go outside and injoy the nice weather outside. And I wanted to go walking in the woods. So I was out in the woods for a little. At about 8 o’clock it was getting dark.

So I was making my way back to the house. But as I did I heard a tree fall. So I went over to look at it. And it was not a windy day. So I looked around and I saw this black outline in the dark.

About 30 feet away from me. And I saw it move closer. And I was frozen for like 10 seconds. And then I started to run away from it. And I could hear its footsteps running with me. I saw it and it had black fur about 7 or 8 feet tall. And It finely changed its mind and let me go.

I got back inside and I locked the door. I tried to tell my friends but they never believed me. But I knew that was a werewolf. and I never went into the woods again.

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