I recently moved into a new house

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I recently moved into new house ever since last month my belongings have been disappearing and reappearing in different places. Then just a day ago something terrifying,happened I was getting something to eat. When I sat on my couch I turned on my TV while I was watching TV by the corner of My Eye I saw.A person but when I looked over where I saw it, nothing was there when I went to go clean my plate, when I turned on the tap it and wouldn’t turn on the plates started shaking and one plate even fell on the floor and almost cut my foot, so I ran to my door three scratches went on the wall of my door I opened my door and ran to my car. I turned my car on and floored that I was about to leave the driveway. When does thing I saw at the corner of my eye earlier appeared in front of the car I turned to the Left really fast and crash the car. Then the next thing I remember is in my hospital room. The reason why I’m writing this is the scratches are coming again I know the thing is coming for me I don’t know how much time I have left I warn you if you just moved into a new house and things are disappearing and reappearing get out just run.

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