I Own a Tesla, and I Regret It Now

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has anyone ever experienced anything on a road trip? here is a story from back when me and my girlfriend were together… We decided to go toward illinois for the week, since my boss had got into an accident and wouldn’t be out of the hospital until next sunday…

So, like casual, we pack our stuff in my tesla, bare in mind this was a used tesla. We don’t get on the road until about 8 pm. By the time we were on the interstate highway, there wasn’t a single light on the road or any other car headlight to be seen, so like any human would, i decide to switch my autopilot on.

Im just on my phone playing games until i hear that chime that a tesla plays when there is something in front of the car…

I quickly slam on the brakes, thinking its a deer or something, since there was nothing in the road. I engage my autopilot again just rubbing it off some deer or a mountain lion running around. im just playing more games until i hear the same damn chime; i look in the road , nothing. This time i start driving on my own, i just think its something with the autopilot. Then, the car all of a sudden, just turns off. I put the car in neutral and push the car to the side. But, something caught my eye.

In the distance, i can barely make out a silloutte of a figure with its arms and legs contorted in the weirdest ways, i scream “hello?” to the thing, thinking it is a human, now i clearly regret that decision. the figure lunges toward me at extremely high speeds, knocking me down on my back, my girlfriend realises the severity of the situation and decides to take the shotgun from the trunk and shoot the thing. It runs off into the distance, never to be seen anymore.

I manage to start the car, realising the battery was almost still at half. I never learned why my car stopped in the middle of nowhere with still half power… And to this day, i never went in that tesla ever again…


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