I met a black eyed child

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So this happened a couple months ago I was home alone with my 4 dogs, We where out in the living room sitting on the couch watching TV. Out of know were I got this feeling to look at my sliding glass door and when I did I felt all the color in my body vanish on my patio there was a little girl in a long white gown and semi long black hair standing there. My first thought was to scream but Then I thought maybe she needed help so I walk over to the sliding door and opened it but kept the screen door closed and locked. I knelled down and said hay little girl are u okay. Her face sprung up and the first thing I noticed were her eyes But I don’t think she knew I noticed so I acted like she was normal. So I asked her why she was out here alone and she just kept looking at me with a evil smile and then said “Please let us in I’m cold hungry and I want to call my mom and dad”. I stood up and let out a little laugh but I couldn’t hold it back to my became louder. The child said “Whats so funny” I looked at her and say I am not letting you in your a black eyed child sorry but go away. I closed my door and sat down and she left and to this day there hasn’t been a knock on my sliding glass door.——–NOTE yes I know I sound like one of those tough guys who say that nothing scared them but I am used to seeing ghost and stuff I am sensitive and I can see and talk to the dead so that’s why I was crying and shaking scared.

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