i hunt government escapes

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i’m a 30 year old man and i’ve been doing this for 10 years i huntdown government test experiments. I was walking out of my work job when 2 men in black suits said come with me. So i went and i was shuffled in to a mercedes benz. and was taken to a facility that looks like a plane hanger but it was bigger they took me to the other and said¨come with me and you help us¨because i had a boring job and life i complied i was still confused but i did training. they took me to a range and gave me a high powered net gun and said¨line up the front and rear and slowly squeeze the trigger¨ i did it and the net shot out at least 50 yards. the man said¨now you will be doing target shooting¨ they handed me what i could only asume be a tranq gun i shot and actually hit the target . i went through training easily. they tasked me with my first mission. which was to kill a escaped subject they wanted him dead. they told me the location and i went it was out in some kentucky woods they called the dogman. they said he was 12 ft tall 500 lbs and could run at 60 mph so i was scared as i set on my first and last mission. i went there and set up in a tree platform that was boxed off it had a roof and 4 walls with a bed and a plexiglass window i was happy as this was where i was staying and not out in the woods in the open. i opened the window and sure enough he was right there. he looked me with eyes of a true demon a killer i aimd my 50 bmg and before i could shoot he was gone. i waited then it turned night and i saw him creeping in and trying to kill something then he looked at me and stared i felt the urge to stare. [in a deep voice] they have already sent someone but im not leaving hahaha. i was scared shitless and i waited wit my coat over the window and suddenly i heard a scraping noise. it was a shock when he busted through the roof! and pinned me i tried to fight back but something stopped me. i woke up in a cave with my legs eaten clean off my body. and i used as much willpower as possible to text my squad for help they came and captured it and brought me back i got prosthetic legs and was sent home now i’m telling this story i might be killed by tomorrow and killed because of the stuff i just said but it is ok because i’m 50 now and don’t care all i’m saying is watch out for people and things like that so it doesn’t ruin your life like it did mine.

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