I Heard the Drekavac

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My name is Alexander im 17 and I live in Serbia,most ppl call my country a little Russia becose culturaly we are the same exept for the language and instead vodka we drink rakija to get wasted.This happened yesterday or better yet to say today cuz currently its 8:25 am and this happened in 2 am in the morning.Most ppl have indoor bathrooms but mine just had to be outside,luckly not for farther than 1 meter or i wouldnt be here wrighting this,here we have a local legend about little fury creature known as “Drekavac”,it’s name can be translated as “the screamer” cuz before it attacks last what you hear is a loud unpleasant scream,it is said that it can take souls of children that have ben burryed on edge of graveyards or of those that werent burryed properly with a ceremony.last night i played fortnite,after some time i listened to some songs by skillet and watched few youtube videos,its pretty mutch usual.Then i had to go to the bathroom i went there to do my buisness,and as i did i heard a loud scream like if tiger,eliphant,crocodile and horse joined in a single scream,at first it was far away and i tought it was airplane altho i started shaking,i didnt understand why.I am not somone who gets afraid easly,usualy not even from supernatural as i had alot of experience with it even tho im 17,but as i heard that same scream again after 5 seconds,only this time mutch more closer,now i knew the ansver to my unexplained fear.I heard running noise all around the bathroom followed by voice almost like it was some video or audio played on a old caset recorder rather than actual person”aleksandre izadji napolje”(alexander get out).As it was running around the bathroom walls i waited untill it goes away just atleast far enough for me to run back inside;and when i got the chance,i emediatly sprinted in slaming the door behind me,i spiled holly water on every wall and specialy on the windows ,i also took a cross and put it near my bed just in case,as i did that i heard a “tap” on the window about 3 times,just 10 minutes later the feeling of extreme fear vanished like it never even happened,but i know what i heard,at first by the sound i tought it may have ben the wendigo but then i remembered the old tales about drekavac and knew to that must be it as its mutch more local legend and becose its also known of torturing the ppl late at night butchering them,but instead like wendigo eating human flesh,Drekavac feest’s on your soul.

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