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I’m sorry if this is in the wrong category, but labeling them as ‘monster encounters’ didn’t seem right – especially since they weren’t face-to-face encounters. They aren’t abduction stories or stories about losing time, just unexplained sightings, I guess.

I think the first one was with my mom on a road that is often referred to as “River Road”. She was driving me to work – nightshift, so, it was after nine. It seemed like a fairly normal night except it seemed a little dark even with a bright moon – though, it wasn’t a full moon. I don’t know why that stuck with me, but the conversation we were having did not.

We weren’t driving for very long, maybe 10-15 minutes before we seen two big, circular shaped lights seeming to be aimed at the opposite side of the road. We both went silent as we stared ahead, watching the lights and I remember I looked for a source, but I never asked my mom if she did. The skys were clear and there weren’t any buildings around for a search light or anything to be shown from. There weren’t any noises, so it wasn’t a helicopter either.

As we went by, though, our jeep had to go through it because it seemed to be big enough to encase the entire piece of road it was pointed at, that was when we heard motor like noises. We didn’t hear anything before or after going through the lights, only while inside. To me it also felt like the jeep started vibrating, but my mother said she didn’t feel it. It could have been the road, I guess; it’s not exactly in the best condition.

My mother doesn’t talk about it much, but it does cross my mind regularly. The area was silent except for inside of the light. The lights were a bright white, but didn’t really seem to light up it’s surrounding area very much and they looked like search lights, except they weren’t moving.

My other experience, however, did involve a lot of movement compared to the lights. I was with two friends on a day off, actually. I think we were coming back from seeing a Marvel movie in theaters, Black Panther, maybe? We were heading back to the drivers house, I was in the passenger seat and our other friend was in the seat behind the driver. I don’t know if she saw it, but I know my other friend who was driving did.

We were all talking about the movie when her and I just stopped talking, she even stopped the car and we just stared out the windshield at the object that seemed to just be levitating in the sky. It seemed to be swaying side to side a bit light it was getting ready to take off or was idling – it was taking off, just so you know.

It was a bright-ish green color and looked like three slim ovals with rounded point ends on each side. The three points on the right side, which I’m guessing was the back end, came together to form a single point tail and it shot off into the sky and there was a little orb in the sky blinking a yellow-golden like looking at an orange street light through a drop of water on glass for a moment before it just faded out.

We sat in silence for a moment before I finally asked if they saw it, too. I remember my friend in the driver’s seat shouted, “Yes!” and I think we ended up having to explain what we saw to our friend in the back seat. After we started driving again we just went on cracking jokes about asking them to take us with them and being overly dramatic as to the “betrayal” for them abandoning us, etc. It was a good time.

Hope you enjoyed my experiences so far. Hope to start sharing a little more frequently and getting better at writing this out so you can enjoy it a little better. Maybe I’ll start sharing family member experiences, too.

Anyway, hope you have a fun time. Experience things for yourself, don’t just be there, feel it, wonder, become inspired by it!

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